Nothing can replace the feeling of the first time you kissed your spouse, and surely nothing can replace some of the most intimate moments that you shared as you started your journey together. Nothing can replace those feelings.

So does that mean those few moments will never happen again? No. It doesn't mean that at all.

Romance can be found in the heat of a candle-lit dinner or a kiss from cold lips while looking at the stars.

Here are six things that remind you of the deep, pure and passionate love you share with your spouse:

1. When your spouse bypasses a peck on the cheek and gives you a soft kiss on the neck

Most couples get to a point in their relationships where everything moves so quickly: hugs become fewer, conversation topics turn from flirting to plans to repair the deck and kisses become standard equivalents of shaking hands. It's not because there's any less love, rather a lot less time.

So when your spouse embraces you tightly and gives you the chills with a soft kiss on your neck, the amount of time that you have at your disposal has now become irrelevant - because time has just stopped.

2. When you take a walk to a quiet spot and reflect on where you've been and where you're going

Relationships take effort. Every couple has a unique story with ups and downs throughout the journey.

You've accomplished so much; you've overcome so much; you've improved so much; you've unified so much. Taking the time to reflect on the victories, great and small, throughout your time together is sure to take your breath away.

Nothing can bring more of a thrill than making life-changing plans with the person you love more than anything else.

3. When you reflect on memories from your wedding day together

Think back on your wedding day.

For the men, think back at how breathtaking she looked when you saw her nervously, yet beautifully walk down the aisle, arm in arm with her trusting father. Think of the moment her father entrusted her to you. Think of the bliss you both felt as you took vows to each other - vows of trust, love and safety.

Or for the women, think back on how he reacted when he saw you approach him at the altar - how his eyes welled up with absolute adoration for you.

4. When you lie down in bed at night next to your love and admire their trust in you

It takes a lot of trust and love to open up and become vulnerable to another person - to give them your heart, your body, your mind and your future. Guess what! They have given you the same thing. The person you lie next to at night trusts you with his or her every breath, and that devotion should steal your breath away.

When you're alone with your spouse at night, you have the chance to think about how much you love and trust him or her. You have the chance to reflect on the mutual concern and desire you both share for the other's well-being, safety and happiness.

5. When you take the time to cherish all the little things your spouse has done for you

The memories of the small things may get lost as time ebbs on, but each effort has sewed one more stitch, knitting both of your hearts together. It may have been an impromptu date you two shared together or the moment he surprised you with a bouquet of flowers with a love note attached.

The happiest couples have a high ratio of positive to negative exchanges. Noticing and expressing your gratitude for the little things your partner does for you is like rocket fuel for your marriage. The more gratitude you express, the more passionate, loving and enduring your love becomes.

Don't take for granted those small moments. Every little act can be as a breeze of love building into a gale of love, taking the breath right from your lungs and filling them again with an undying passion for your spouse.

6. When you make unified decisions that move your lives forward

Some people say that marriage is just a piece of paper and that living together is the same thing minus the $85 you have to spend on a marriage license.

But that may not necessarily be the case.

Joining bank accounts and filling out name-change forms at the DMV may not seem romantic, but it's a very visible act of devotion and trust. Talking about starting a family, changing jobs or volunteering together from that time on, you are a family unit; you are one. To take a moment and think what lies ahead could be daunting, breathtaking even, but you'll do it with love.

There's nothing more romantic than that.

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