Journalist Mignon McLaughlin once said, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times always by the same person." How is that possible? What can a couple do to make sure their flame of love doesn't go out? These six little things indicate your marriage will last a lifetime.

1. Companionship

Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, psychotherapists and authors of the book "Building a Love that lasts," said, "The most successful marriages are those in which spouses are also best friends."

Your love should be the first person you think of when you want to share something, whether good or bad. Share everything from the extremely intimate moments and feelings to the small, everyday details.

2. Responsibilities

Each spouse should share in daily duties. While each handles different tasks in marriage, each should take time to help in housework, with homework, watching the kids, washing dishes, cleaning, tidying, washing the car, etc.

"Having a relationship in which both of you can speak honestly if you're feeling overwhelmed, and not just lash out because someone forgot to take out the recycling one night, leads to a much stronger romance, " said Charles Orlando, author of "The problem with women"is men."

When you take turns helping each other out, you're less likely to be too tired to do something that many couples neglect — dating.

3. Spontaneity

Who doesn't like surprises?

Shauna Springer, PhD and author of "Marriage, for Equals" said, "Overfamiliarity is the enemy of romance, so continuing to engage in some measure of independent growth is critical."

After getting married, continue to try to surprise your loved one; for example, sign up for a dance class and surprise your love with a dance during a romantic dinner.

Surprising your partner can be as simple as romantic little notes left in a special place, or giving a bouquet of flowers without a special occasion.

4. Communication

According to this survey, couples that discuss problems instead of ignoring them have a stronger relationship than couples that avoid these hard conversations.

This doesn't mean screaming at each other, but rather talking through frustrations.

Discussing problems with the person we love helps us know what is going on in his or her soul.

5. Patience

All couples go through good times and bad. According to a 2011 survey, couples that believe their relationship will last forever have a greater chance of surviving the bad times.

When both parties are 100 percent committed to the happiness of the relationship, and mainly focused on the happiness of the person they love, they more easily find the strength to overcome difficulties.

6. Creativity

One study found that couples who do a variety of new things together are happier than couples who live routinely. It is normal to see young couples going to a dinner for two, taking walks together and creating little surprises for the person they love, but in most cases, a routine sets in after years of being together. Dating should continue even after decades of marriage.

Having one night a week for the couple to go out and have fun is the first step in breaking a routine. Be creative in creating little surprises like mentioned above. Don't allow a routine to become too comfortable.

The signs of a happy life together are summed up in these six simple words: companionship, responsibilities, spontaneity, communication, patience and creativity. These small changes to your everyday life can do wonders for your marriage.

_This article was originally published on It has been translated and adapted from the original article,"6 sinais de que seu casamento irádurar a vida inteira

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