Mother's Day is just around the corner. Along with that, comes the fun Sunday Dinner for mom with all the kids together, home from college, and with their spouses and children. Your wife loves the nice dinner and the presents. Mostly, she just loves having everyone together.

While moms love Mother's Day, a lot of men compare Mother's Day to Valentine's Day. It's a day of last-minute gift ideas only to end up buying overpriced flowers and candies. As a result, a lot of men miss the true meaning of Mother's Day. It's a day to "celebrate" moms and the unique things they do for us, men.

As the mother of your children, not only does she play an important role with all the love and support she gives to them, but she also plays a unique role for you as your wife. This Mother's Day, as you're helping your children celebrate their wonderful mother, here are a few things to help you appreciate her, and notice the special things she does for you. Below are a few unique things wives do for their husbands as shown by research.

Married men are happier

Even though men may lament about their wives telling them to take out the trash and fix the sink, research shows that married men are actually happier. Married men scored higher on instruments that measure personal happiness than men who are single. While the research doesn't state exactly why this happens - maybe it's the twinkle in her eye, or the butterflies you feel when you're around her - but it just goes to show that wives contribute something wonderful to their husbands that make them happier than men who aren't married.

Married men are healthier

All those great meals your wife cooks, and all the ways she urges you to get out and do active stuff with her really pays off. Research shows that men who are married have consistently shown to be healthier than single men. They're less likely to smoke (or not smoke as much), and are at less risk for heart disease and stroke. So, the next time she tries something new in the kitchen, or asks you to take her out instead of sitting at home watching TV, make sure to thank her. These may be the things that are keeping you healthy.

Married men have less stress

You might think that being married creates more stress for men because of the added responsibility that often goes along with marriage. But you'd be wrong. Research shows that men who are married actually have lower stress hormones than single men. This makes sense when you think about it. Your wife does lots of things that help you on a day-to-day basis. She helps with children, does the laundry, and shops for the house. No wonder married men have less stress. When was the last time you thanked her for lessening your stress?

Married men live longer

Who knows why? But married men actually live longer than their single friends. Maybe this has to do with the fact that married men have better health and less stress, as mentioned earlier? Either way, how your wife does it, she's helping you live longer. This gives you one more reason to thank her this Mother's Day.

Married men have better mental health

You may have heard a husband exclaim "My wife's driving me crazy," at some time or another. Actually, married men have fewer mental health difficulties (such as anxiety and depression) than single men. Wives do a great job of trying to take care of their husbands. They help us relax when we want to relax, they help us reason through difficulties that come up at work or at home. No wonder married men have better mental health.

Married men have better sex

Lots of men see the cool guy get the sexy girl on TV, or hear their single friends talk about what a great sex life they have. Well, the joke's on them. Studies show that married men not only have sex more frequently they also report higher satisfaction with sex. And so do their partners. This may be due to the unique connection and deeper intimacy that married partners feel. So when you see that character on TV with the sizzling model for a girlfriend, you can think about your wife and laugh. You are the one having the hotter sex.

This Mother's Day, as you're helping your children celebrate your wife and all the great things she does for them, don't forget the great ways she influences you, too. These are just a few of the many ways research shows women influence their husbands. I'm sure you can come up with several more ways that your own wife uniquely influences you. Make sure to let her know this Mother's Day, and tell her how much you appreciate her for those things.

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