Marriage as a whole takes a lot of hard work, but luckily there are several easy things you can do to give your relationship a boost. It only takes a little effort to help your partner feel valued. Here are six ways to instantly improve the relationship you share with your sweetheart.

1. Put your phone away

A study from Computers in Human Behaviorfound evidence that social media use is negatively correlated with marriage quality and happiness. Their data showed the more couples in a relationship used social media, the more trouble and thoughts of divorce they experienced.

Even if you think your phone time isn't negatively affecting your relationship, try putting your phone down or even turning it off when you're around your spouse. You'll probably be amazed at the positive difference it'll make for your relationship.

2. Ask questions

You can jump start your emotional intimacy together by asking each other deep questions. While you may feel like you know your spouse better than anyone, there's always new things they can tell you. Getting to know your spouse even more will help you open up and reconnect.

Check out these 36 (new) questions that will make you fall in love with your spouse again and try them out this week.

3. Send flirty texts to each other

Texting each other seems too easy to actually make a real difference. But it's actually a great way to keep your romance going even when you're apart. Your spouse will love to be reminded that you're thinking of them and care about them. They'll see their phone light up in the middle of a busy day and won't be able to help smiling.

Need some ideas of messages to send? Here are 44 dynamite text messages that'll make his day.

4. Go to bed at the same time

Most couples have busy, hectic lives - bedtime might be the only opportunity to the two of you have to spend time alone. So prioritize it. Make it a point to set the same bedtime for the both of you. You could even start a nightly routine of something you like to do together to strengthen your relationship. Plus, falling asleep together often is a great way to create a sense of union. Soon, you'll find you can't fall asleep without your loved one by your side.

5. Give them a compliment

Even if you compliment each other regularly, a compliment out of the norm is a sure way to make your partner feel especially happy. When it comes to complimenting your spouse - go big or go home. Even if you feel hesitant to go all out complimenting your sweetheart, do it anyway. There's no reason to feel embarrassed from praising your sweetheart.

Rather than just saying "you look pretty today", try out these 7 compliments you should be giving your wife instead.

6. Do small things for each other

According to a recent study from the journal Emotion, there's scientific evidence that doing something nice for your spouse can boost your emotional well being. The data showed that couples who gave more compassionate acts a day to each other had an overall happier and better marriage.

So offer your spouse a back massage, make them a cup of tea, do a household chore they - because it's the small, simple acts that hold a marriage together. Fall in love with your spouse again with this 30 day marriage challenge - it's full of great ideas for small acts of kindness.

Who knew you could give your marriage an instant boost so easily? Your relationship will thank you for doing these six easy things with your sweetheart.

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