Marriage takes a lot of effort. It doesn’t help that many things are pulling for our attention that makes nurturing our relationship difficult. Everything from children, work schedules, and other obligations can seem impractical to maintain a partnership. Then, when problems show up in relationships, many couples find divorce to be the best option. Others see working on the marriage as the better choice for their relationship. If you are looking to prevent divorce, you can put specific actions and measures in place. Here are six ways to save your marriage from divorce.

Make commitment a top priority.

When your marriage goes through a dark period, healing will take time. It’s imperative that on your marriage journey, you and your partner are 100 percent committed. That means, when things get tough, you are 100 percent dedicated to saving your marriage. This commitment won’t always be easy. It will require sacrifice. This may mean that you and your spouse will have to let go of the need to be right so that you aren’t tearing your relationship down. If you are dedicated to your marriage, you will take the necessary steps to make things work. It may be hard in the beginning, but the work will pay off.

It’s also crucial that you don’t toy with the idea that you might be better off outside of your marriage. This can put an immense strain on your relationship, even if you keep these thoughts to yourself. These thoughts can cause significant breakdowns in your marriage and make you less motivated to work on your relationship. One way to combat this risk in your marriage is to decide together, ahead of time, that divorce is not an option. Making this commitment will ensure that you focus on making your marriage partnership stronger instead of thinking that the grass is greener outside of your marriage.

Be patient.

In most cases, marriages don’t fall apart overnight, so there shouldn’t be an expectation that your marriage will be healed overnight. Most couples deal with in their marriage usually come up after many violations have taken place over time. If these violations aren’t dealt with, they can turn your marriage upside down. This is why it’s so important to practice patience with your partner and with yourself. If your spouse’s transformation doesn’t happen quickly, that’s ok. If your change doesn’t happen soon, that’s ok too. What’s important is that you both are committed to change. When you are, it shows that you are both committed to resetting and restoring the marriage. Take time to focus on the role you’re playing in the equation. There will be times when your marriage is tested. Yet, when you practice patience, you can get through any trial you’re facing.

Respect your partner.

Change is inevitable. So it shouldn’t be impossible to understand that your partner will change over time. We are not the same people we were ten years ago. Respect is everything. When respect is compromised, it eats away from any trust that was present in your marriage. That’s why it’s critical to appreciate, understand, and adapt to those changes. You can begin doing this by making a list of your partner’s greatest qualities and remind yourself of the amazing person you fell in love with. Doing this will help you focus on why you got married in the first place.

Share financial concerns and expectations.

Many marriages fail because they don’t get real about their finances. Too many marriages breakdown because financial issues and concerns were not expressed. Often, couples have different expectations and habits around money. When this happens, it can be challenging to relate to each other. This is why you need to map out how you will handle money in the marriage. It’s one of the most critical components of a successful relationship. It’s also helpful to agree on a budget, how you want to approach debt, and what it looks like to live within your limits. Another thing that’s imperative is separating your wants from your needs. While it’s ok to satisfy your wants sometimes, many couples have problems when their desires supersede their budget.

Communicate often.

Regular communication is important in every marriage. This can be tough, particularly in a technological age where we are pulled into our smartphones, Netflix, and work-from-home lifestyles. Everything can seem like a distraction. You may even find that you are going days without having a real conversation with your partner. You should keep the lines of communication open. Talk about what’s going on in your daily life, share your frustrations, dreams, and feelings with your partner. Not only does this help strengthen your communication, but it also strengthens intimacy.

Let go of the need for control.

The healthiest marriages thrive because both parties have mutual respect. They don’t demand their way on their spouse. What’s important to keep in mind is not monitoring or controlling your spouse. It’s also essential that you give your partner the space to be who they are. Too many marriages fail because one person felt like they were being controlled and didn’t have the freedom to just be. If you are always trying to control your partner, you are at risk of becoming emotionally abusive. The same goes for your partner trying to control you. These habits will eventually lead to divorce. If your spouse tells you they feel like you’re being controlling, listen to their words. Take a step back and figure out what this is rooted in. Getting to the heart of this will help get you guys back to the place you need to be.

If you’re experiencing brokenness in your marriage, there is still hope. Don’t give up. Also, don’t be afraid of counseling and therapy, which can also help get to the core of your marital problems. Take the necessary steps to get your relationship back on track.

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