We all love compliments. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost a person’s confidence and make them feel better. It also is a significant indicator that you’re paying attention to them. What woman doesn’t appreciate their man noticing that they’ve switched up their style or that you appreciate their view on something important to them? If you’re looking to make your girl’s day, here are seven compliments women can’t resist.

“I really value your perspective.”

The woman you love wants to feel like you can confide in them and that you respect what they add to the relationship. This also assures her that you trust her enough to confide in her on important decisions. She knows that you will turn to her when you need input on critical choices. You can care a lot about someone, but it is even more important that you value them. Every person deserves that in a relationship.

“That new hairstyle looks sexy.”

This has less to do with the hairstyle and more to do with the fact that you noticed. Women like to feel like their man sees them like really sees them. Noticing even the smallest change shows that you pay attention to the little things they do. Sometimes, the reason she’s spending more time working out in the gym, wearing new outfits, or coloring her hair is that she wants to stand out to you. Giving her this kind of compliment will boost her confidence in a major way.

“I feel like I can be myself with you.”

Saying this to your special lady lets them know just how comfortable you are with them. Being comfortable with the person you love means that you are relaxed enough around them to be your authentic self. People who are comfortable in their relationships are often happier and tend to make more of an effort in their relationship because they love who they are with. There is no better feeling than being with someone that you can be yourself with. When you find that special person, it’s a feeling you just don’t want to shake.

“I can’t wait to grow old with you.”

The idea of growing old with someone may sound old-fashioned to some, but it is incredibly romantic and beautiful to think about. Saying this reminds the woman of your that you value her so much that you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with her. Some signs that you feel that way about her is if you can sit in silence with them for hours, or you find them just as attractive you did the first time you saw them. If you still feel butterflies with her after years of dating or marriage, she is definitely someone to hold onto.

“You’re an amazing wife/mom.”

One of the sweetest compliments you can give the woman you love is telling her that she is amazing in her most important roles. When you tell her this, her confidence immediately goes up. Her self-worth also increases. This is also a great way to strengthen your friendship. Telling her she’s amazing, makes her feel like she’s valued and cherished in her role. Too many couples often focus on the negative in their relationships, instead of accentuating the positive.

“I love the way you always…”

It might be the cute emojis she sends you when you’re at work or the meals she prepares after a long day at work. There is something the woman you love does that is unique to her that you value. Saying this compliment is another way you show your girl how much you value her, and how much you pay attention to the things she does. This is also a great way to highlight things that you appreciate in the relationship. If you tell her you like a specific thing, she may be more apt to do that thing again.

“You make me want to be a better person.”

Women want to feel like they are helping you grow in mind, body, and spirit. Many women will give up parts of themselves to lift up the man that they’re with. If the woman you’re with is helping you be a better person, you are likely satisfied in your relationship. This is the kind of person who motivates you and encourages you to take the kind of risks that are going to take you to the next level in your life. There isn’t a man in this world that can forget the first woman in their life who tried to make them a better man. If the special woman in your life makes you a better person, she is a keeper.

While compliments are sweet, some people get uncomfortable when they receive them. Some women are uncomfortable receiving compliments because they are overly shy and don’t like the attention on them. Even those women should still be acknowledged. Giving your woman compliments often will make her feel good, especially when she’s around you. If you haven’t given the special woman in your life a compliment in a while, consider doing it. It will make her day.



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