Everyday fun matters to the longevity and happiness in a marriage. In the Journal of Leisure Research, the authors said their findings revealed "that the amount of time partners spend together isn't as important as what they're doing. In fact, everyday activities-like watching Netflix, walking the dog, or cooking together-contributed more to marital bliss than the occasional tropical getaway."

Couples who don't take the time to be together and enjoy each other's company are more inclined to be miserable in their marriage. Miserable marriages don't usually last. Happy ones do. It doesn't take much to turn yours into a happy one. Climb out of the doldrums and start having a good time with your honey. It's vital if you want your marriage to succeed. Here are a few ideas to get you going this summer.

1. Hop on your Harley and go for a ride

OK, so you don't have a Harley-or maybe you do. Either way the point is, get out of the house, just the two of you, and go for a ride in whatever vehicle you have sitting in the driveway or waiting in the garage. Head for the hills and enjoy some new scenery. Find a spot to stop and enjoy the view. Breathe in the clean air and throw in a kiss or two.

2. Go shoot some hoops

There's nothing like a little competition to spark up the game of love. Neil and Melanie discovered how fun that can be. Neil said, "Even though we might be at a different skill level in some activities, we've figured out ways to make little modifications so that we both enjoy doing them together."

Melanie said, "Yeah, like when we play basketball one-on-one, I get two points per basket. He only gets one." Neil added, "It's the idea of connecting that's so important."

They found that this type of connecting is more important than going on a vacation. Not that vacations aren't fun, too. It's just that they're too few and far between. It's the everyday fun that matters most.

3. It's summer-go get a shaved-ice treat

We recently did that ourselves. A new little "Snack Shack" opened up a few blocks away. "Let's give it try," we said as we drove by. Turning the car around, we stopped by and tried a cup of the cool, tempting shaved ice with a few new flavors and a scoop of ice cream in the bottom. We sat there eating our welcomed refreshment as we watched the cars go by. It was delicious, fun and rejuvenating. We decided we're going to do it again soon; a simple activity for a warm day.

4. Wash your car together

The thing that makes this fun is that in the process of getting the grime off the auto you can have an honest-to-goodness full-on water fight. If you've got kids, they will love seeing you having fun together and will want to join in. The more the merrier. All that's required is a hose, water, and a bucket. These weapons of war will do the job just fine. If you have a water gun stashed away in the trunk, all the better. Now is the time to load it, shoot it and run!

5. Go to an outdoor concert

These abound in the summertime. Find one that you both enjoy and get ready to have some fun under the stars. Some of them are even free in your local park. Take a blanket in case it cools off when the sun goes down.

6. Build a fire and make s'mores

Roasting marshmallows over a fire pit in your own back yard can be fun, especially when you smash them between a chocolate bar and graham crackers. So yummy! To do this, Paul and Amy decided to buy their own little fire pit-for safety's sake- and have enjoyed it many times since. It's also great for roasting hotdogs on a stick. You can buy these little portable fire pits at your local hardware store for around $60.

7. Go to the beach or to the canyon

Whichever you live near, get out to the beach or the canyon. Lying on a blanket on a sandy beach as you listen to the waves roll in can be relaxing and romantic. If you live near the mountains, a walk or hike can be equally fun to do together. Enjoying nature in your area can be pure bliss on a hot summer day. Ocean waves are cool, as are tree covered mountains. Collect seashells while at the beach or wild flowers if you're in the canyon. Enjoy these beautiful gifts from God. His world is remarkable and filled with so many interesting sights and sounds. Revel in them-together.

Consider sitting down as a couple and making a list of fun things you'd like to do this summer. These activities can relieve stress and make your marriage stronger and filled with more happy moments. Every couple needs it. Do it!

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