Men and women think differently. Because of this, sometimes they drive each other crazy.

You've most likely said a few of these sentences at least once. But when talking to your man, try to avoid saying the following:

1. "We need to talk"

Men dread habitually discussing their relationships. This phrase automatically means trouble for them. Because it can mean a thousand things, they torture themselves trying to figure out what's coming.

2. "I'm almost ready"

We all know "almost ready" could mean anything — that's why they hate it. It could mean anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours.

3. "Do you know what today is?"

Men live in fear of forgetting an important date, such as an anniversary or birthday. This phrase chills them.

4. "It's nothing"

Men tend to be more direct, and hate trying to figure out what a woman is thinking. Women, if you say "nothing" is wrong, but mean something entirely different, it just makes things more difficult.

5. "Do what you want"

He probably assumes you're not just being generous when you say this, and that you don't really want him to do whatever he wants. So stop tormenting him and be direct. Tell him how his actions will make you feel.

6. "Do you think I'm fat?"

This is a no-win situation. You won't believe his answer is sincere if he says no. But you obviously don't want him to answer yes. He knows that no matter what he answers, you won't be satisfied.

7. "Do you think she's prettier than me?"

Your man hates when you compare yourself to others, and he hates it even more when he's asked to join in the comparison. If he is with you, it's you he wants to be with, so stop making him look at other girls.

Be nice to the man you love, and avoid these types of phrases. Your relationship will be better because of it.

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7 phrases every man hates to hear from a woman

Communication is key for every relationship. Which of these do you think is the worst?

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