Relationships demand time and devotion - emotional, spiritual and physical. We want to know that the relationships we invest in will actually provide a future return that is at least equal to what we invested. Most importantly, we want to be confident that each daily investment is contributing to the eventual return.

Marriage is your most sacred institution and feeling as if you chose the wrong partner for marriage is devastating.

Here are 7 powerful signs your husband sees you as the perfect woman for him:

1. He listens authentically

Parents, managers, teachers and leaders must continuously improve their listening ability if they expect to entice those who are under their influence. A husband is no different, and when he demonstrates authentic listening to his wife, it shows her that she easily captures his attention.

Getting defensive over her suggestions or adding a "me too" experience when she shares something personal is not listening. According to Paul J Donoghue, Ph.D. and Mare E. Seigel, Ph.D., "Communicating understanding and really listening calls for some humility."

2. He seeks your advice

It takes humility to seek someone else's opinion and then apply what they say to your decision. A husband who seeks the advice of his wife on big and small matters shows that he values her opinion.

He is making himself vulnerable by opening up. It is this vulnerability that helps to build trust and reminds your wife that you see her as a person who will protect him when he is fully exposed.

3. He protects you in every way possible

Every strong relationship hinges on the level of security in the relationship. Safety is the second block of the pyramid on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Protecting someone means that you have placed yourself in the heat of the battle. A husband who puts himself aside for his wife is keen on nurturing a high level of trust.

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4. Forgiveness is a hallmark in your relationship

Trust is a critical part of all relationships. Chip R. Bell and Marshall Goldsmith state, "trust starts with authenticity...we trust another when we perceive his or her motives to be genuine or credible".

It takes time and work to establish trust. In my opinion, if trust exists then there is more room for forgiveness. If you are the perfect wife for your husband, then he will be quick to forgive you. It is also expected that he would be quick to seek your forgiveness if he offends you in any way.

Because trust exists, receiving forgiveness is not an invitation to trespass again. It is an invitation to work together to establish sound boundaries to prevent any more infractions. Pope John Paul describes the family as a place of forgiveness. A willingness to forgive each other builds love.

5. He perfects his love for you everyday

My wife and I recently attended a marriage retreat at our church, hosted by a husband and wife. On our last day, the wife stated that 'her husband has nothing to prove to anyone about his love for her'.

She has given him free rein to show his love for her and it is not attached to the opinions of anyone else. I imagine any husband wants his wife to know he loves her.

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6. He plans ahead for both your futures

Proverbs 13:22 states that "A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children." For this to happen, both spouses need to work diligently.

Your husband sees you as the perfect woman for him when he plans for your future. He secures you spiritually, emotionally and even financially. An older colleague told me the secret to his happy marriage: "I listen to my wife's biggest dreams and I try to devise ways for her to accomplish them, and we both celebrate the outcomes."

7. He is not intimidated by your success

We all define success differently but overall, success is seen as a favorable outcome. Some husbands like to make all the decisions, while others only make certain decisions.

Many marriages teeter on the ledge because the wife earns more money or has 'better' credentials, causing the husband to feel undervalued and inadequate. But a husband who is confident will push his wife to her full potential. He sees her accomplishments as a positive for their marriage and a part of their legacy.

If you are the perfect woman for your husband, you will know. The perfect spouse does not necessarily mean that your marriage will be perfect every day in every way, but the desire to grow in your marriage will always be there. There is evidence that you are in the best partnership. Your relationship will be rewarding and it will bring out your best.

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