Growing up with brothers can be, what you think is, the biggest trial in your life. From having them practice their new fighting technique on you or dangling a loogie over your face, brothers show their love in peculiar ways indeed. Although he may have teased you until tears he wouldn't let anyone do the same, your brother would protect you, whatever it takes. Brothers truly become your best friends.

1. Brothers are strange creatures.

2. The love from a brother is unique.

3. It's no accident that he's your brother.

4. A brother is a tender blessing.

5. The satisfaction of cracking a joke that gets your brother right in the funny bone.

6. We see each other as we always were.

7. Brothers help us dance through this crazy life.

Sometimes brothers express their love with leaving the last serving of your favorite cereal for you or maybe he will hold your favorite teddy bear hostage. The bottom line is that you love your brother and he loves you, and your life has greatly benefited from him.

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