When your man tells you he loves you it's the best feeling in the world.

You are in love with him, and he is in love with you. What could be better?

But naturally all women (and probably men too) have this evil little voice in their heads that say, "That's probably not completely true," or, "Are you sure her really means it?"

Obviously that nasty little voice is completely wrong because if he says it and shows it, he probably really is in love with you.

But just in case you need a little reminder, which we all do every once in a while, here is a list of 7 reasons why your man totally and absolutely adores you. Just ask him and I know he will agree!

1. You laugh at his jokes

Honestly it is so important to feel accepted and especially by the person you love, so every time you laugh at his jokes or something funny he said, you boost his ego up in a good way.

When you laugh at his jokes it shows that what he thinks is funny you think is funny, which means you are on the same page.

It is probably one of the reasons he fell in love with you in the first place.

2. You love the same movies, TV shows, music, etc....

Even if you don't have the same taste in all three of these genres, even just having the same taste in one gets his heart a pumpin'.

He loves when you can sit at home and binge watch your favorite TV show together and geek out over the characters. He loves when you can both watch a movie and analyze the theme and plot.

Basically he just loves the fact that he can nerd out with you, and you totally accept it.

3. You love his friends (most of the time)

It was a big moment when you were first dating and he introduced you to his closest friends, and when your reaction was that you got along great, he knew you were the one.

Even if you can't handle his friends all the time, just the fact that he can hang out with them without you nagging or getting insecure melts his heart every time.

4. You can always make him feel better when he is sad or angry

Something that makes you great as a couple in general is that you make each other extremely happy.

This especially is the case when either one of you is having a bad day, or you are feeling sad or angry.

He loves that you can calm him down and help him talk it out, and you are one of the few people he can be completely open with about his emotions.

5. You are not afraid to call him out if necessary

Not everyone can be right all the time, even though we may want to be.

There are times when your man may be a little hard headed, and he loves that you can call him out on it, but in a loving and kind way, which makes him want to be a better person every time.

Plus the fact that he can do the same for you makes you also love him just as much as he loves you.

6. You try to do it all

You are juggling a job, school, him, possibly kids and so much else every day.

Watching you try to be the superwoman you are is something he loves so much, even when you are stressed out of your mind.

He loves that he can stand by your side and help in any way he can, and is grateful every step of the way for how much you do.

7. You always believe in him

Your man has dreams and aspirations that at times seem too distant to achieve.

What he loves about you is that you never let him think that for too long, and encourage him as he tries to achieve these goals.

He appreciates you being his cheerleader, encourager, and pusher when you need to be. He learns from you and grows with you, and that is why he wants to have you around for the rest of his life.

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