Sometimes all a woman needs is someone to listen to her. She doesn't need you to fix the problem (at least not yet). The trick to helping your wife through her trials is to first pay attention to what she wants to say and then give your suggestions for solutions when she asks for them. Husbands - in case you are missing the cues your wife is sending, here are seven clear signs your wife desperately needs you to listen:

1. When she puts on a fake smile

A woman who can wear a smile even when she's feeling down is emotionally strong, but she still needs your comfort. Give her a hug and ask her to open up to you.

2. When she's been alone all day with the kids

She needs some adult interaction. If she's a stay-at-home mom, chances are she's been listening to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and reruns of the kids' favorite television show all day. Take time after you get home to ask about her day to give her that adult conversation she desperately craves.

3. When she's unusually quiet

If she's being more quiet than usual, she's likely either angry or stressed. Embrace her and ask what's on her mind.

4. When she angrily sputters "It's fine"

If you've been married a long time (or even know women at all), you probably know by now that "it's fine" really means it's not fine. The problem might not be surface-level but you don't have to dig to find the root of the problem. Just ask her what's wrong and how you can help. She'll love to see that you truly care about her feelings.

5. When she's in a good mood

She wants you to listen when she's happy just as much as she wants you to listen when she's sad. If she's in a good mood, ask her about her day. She's probably eager to share good news!

6. When she's had a long day

Be willing to listen when she's had an exhausting day. Offer to do something for her while she kicks her feet up, and remind her how much you appreciate all she does for you and your family. This sweet gesture will prove her efforts don't go unnoticed, and can give her motivation to keep going.

7. When she's getting ready for bed

Take time to talk to each other before turning out the lights. Share the highlights of your day and listen to hers. This intimate time brings you closer together emotionally, and she'll love spending those last few moments before bed just talking with you.

Husbands, watch for the signals that your wife needs you to listen. She needs you by her side whether she's distressed or elated. This goes both ways; if you need your wife to listen, tell her. A healthy relationship thrives when both partners are open and honest with each other and are always willing to listen.

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