Every man has his own taste in women, so it can often be difficult knowing how to get his attention. However, there are some things every woman can do to be her most irresistible self - a guaranteed way to attract the right man. Here are seven things you can do to make him fall in love with you:

1. Send good vibes

Someone says the word "vibes" and your mind immediately jumps to "hippie nonsense." But there is truth behind the fact that everyone carries certain vibes. When you walk into a room, people can tell if the energy you're carrying is negative. There's a reason people are naturally drawn to the friendliest and most joyful person in the room - these people carry happy and positive vibes.

When you choose to be happy and kind, the man you're trying to attract will notice that positive energy. Like everyone else in the room, he won't be able to resist those good vibes of yours.

2. Maintain eye contact

There's nothing wrong with being a little shy, but do your best to maintain eye contact when he looks at you. It's a flirty, subtle way to say you're interested in him, and it also gives him the chance to see those beautiful eyes of yours.

We all know that men love a bit of a challenge. When you refuse to be the first person to break eye contact, he'll see someone who won't back down, someone who will be a challenge. And he will love that.

3. Be independent

Men love a woman who can take care of herself. Once you two are committed to each other, you should depend on and support each other. But for now, that isn't necessary. Right now, show him that you have your own happy life - He will love the fight to become part of that life.

4. Don't play dumb

The right man (one who makes you truly happy) will love you for your intellect. He'll want to see into your mind and understand all your deep, late-night thoughts. So don't be afraid to show that side of yourself.

If a man doesn't appreciate you for your smarts, you don't want him in your life. The right man should love you and encourage you to do what makes you happy.

5. Talk about what you love

If you absolutely love husky puppies wearing handkerchiefs around their neck, talk about it. If you listened to a mind-blowing podcast yesterday, tell him about it. He'll love watching how you light up talking about things you love and things you're passionate about.

Men love a woman who's passionate. Whether you're passionate about saving the bees or about eating Nutella by the spoonful, he'll be smitten.

6. Be able to laugh at yourself

Men love a woman who doesn't take herself too seriously. It means he can be silly with her! If you're able to laugh at yourself if you trip over your own feet, or don't get too flustered when you spill a little sauce on your shirt, he'll admire your confidence and good attitude.

7. Be kind

Take time to help the pregnant woman put her groceries in her car. Strike up a conversation with the widow who lives down the street from you. Be a good friend, daughter and sister, and you'll be absolutely irresistible.

The key to attracting the man you love is learning how to be the best version of yourself. You don't have to be perfect - just try to be better today than you were yesterday. And when that man inevitably comes along, you two can inspire each other to be even better.

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