"No one in this world can love a girl more than her father." -Michael Ratnadeepak

A father-daughter relationship is a bond like no other. This unique relationship has a tremendous influence on almost every aspect of a young girl's life. The relationship influences areas such as her social life, romantic relationships, academic performance and financial acumen.

This is probably the most important relationship for your daughter as it helps to shape the foundation of her self-esteem and how she views herself and feels about herself.

With that said here are seven things fathers should do to establish and maintain a lasting bond with their daughters:

1. Plan a father-daughter date

Plan a lunch/dinner date to spend quality time with your daughter. Role model what she should expect when she starts dating. Exhibit gentleman qualities by opening the door for her and pulling out her chair. Make her feel special by setting aside time that will only be dedicated to her. A father-daughter dance is a great way to establish this with your daughter at a younger age.

2. Show her you will protect her

Hug her when she's down. Assure her you will protect her no matter what. When it's time to seek refuge, you will be that safe haven. This will provide her with confidence to take risks and be ambitious.

3. Tell her she is beautiful and smart each day

This helps build her confidence. She will have the courage to be brave and take risks knowing she has support. She will get used to someone valuing her beauty and intellect and will not accept anything less.

4. Always do something special for her on Valentine's Day

You are your daughter's first love. What you do for her sets the tone for how her future husband should treat her. Send her flowers or little trinkets. Treat her to lunch at her favorite restaurant or do whatever she likes to feel special. Set the tone for what she deserves and maintain that well after she reaches adulthood. You will not be competing with another person's attention but maintaining that bond. Your love for her is forever, and you should show her that always.

5. Make holidays and her birthdays special

Always make a big deal out of her birthday, holidays, her anniversaries, graduation and anything celebrating her. Acknowledge those special occasions and participate in any of the celebrations. This attention will go a long way and help make her experiences and memories even more special.

6. Always be there for her call

She will need reassurance, protection and understanding only a dad can give. It will help protect her heart. It will help her fight through any pain she may experience. It will make her stronger knowing she has the ongoing love and support of her father when times are rough.

7. Show unwavering, unconditional love

Show your daughter you love her no matter what. She will make mistakes and go through different phases in her life. Regardless of the circumstances, show her you will be there for her. Prove and express your love whenever you can.

The above examples are just a few ways fathers can establish and strengthen their relationships with their daughters. There are, of course, many other ways fathers can connect with their daughters, but the main thing is that you put in the effort and remain consistent with your actions.

Your daughter's life and well-being depend on it.

What are some ways you show your daughter she is important to you?

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