Many women idealize the person they choose to share their lives with and, over time, end up feeling very frustrated. Having high expectations of people is not recommended, because every human being has his faults and difficulties - some worse than others.

A wife may not even be aware that her husband is treating her poorly. Because of this, I believe it is worth revealing what all lousy husbands have in common, if only to help those struggling realize that they do not deserve the treatment they are receiving. Here are some characteristics of terrible husbands:

1. They are jealous and controlling

Trust is an important requirement for healthy relationships. When a man does not trust his wife, he will often become jealous and suspicious of everything she does. This kind of husband will make his wife sacrifice her dreams, career, life and freedom so that he can feel in control.

2. They are cold and inattentive

Husbands like this do not put their wives as a priority. He doesn't care about her feelings, let alone her aspirations. They live selfishly do not value a wife's qualities, making her feel rejected and alone.

3. They are extremely critical

Nothing that his wife does is good enough. This kind of husband will always find something to criticize and complain about, because he only sees the negative side of everything. He will not take responsibility for his actions and will always blame his wife for everything.

4. They love porn

Pornography addictions are responsible for the failure of many relationships. It is disrespectful to the wife, shows a lack of commitment to the relationship and indicates poor character.

5. They are crude and rude

Lousy husbands use hostile language. They are always angry and behave in a rude and grumpy way, and worse, they are violent and offensive.

6. They don't collaborate

Some do not participate in providing for the family income. Others believe that by bringing in the income, they already do everything. This attitude results in a husband stretched on the couch watching television or out with friends, not bothering to help his wife with any of the housework or childcare.

7. They cultivate lies and infidelity

They do not deal well with the truth, because the truth is usually very bleak due to their addictions or infidelity. To make things worse, these husbands will produce a network of lies in order to maintain or cover up the others, until they are completely entangled in them. They are immature and do not recognize their wives and family are the foundation that every man needs to be really happy. The wives of these men end up insecure, unhappy and dissatisfied.

If this list sounds very familiar, consider a change. Talk to your husband. Explain your feelings and see if you can work through it. Try to save your marriage. You do not deserve a lousy husband.

_This article is an adaptation and translation of the original article, "7 coisas que péssimos maridos têm em comum."

It has been republished here with permission.

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