You believe that you are doing everything right. Every time he needs you, you are there. Whenever he has a basketball game, you are cheering in the front row. When he forgets his lunch at home for the third time in a row, you bring it to him with no complaint.

All of these things should make you feel confident in the relationship.... but it doesn't. You have done all that you think you can do, but some of his actions have caused you to rethink every little thing.

Men may be wondering, what actions are you referring to?

If you don't know what these are, here are the 7 things men do that make women insecure about love:

1. Use their wandering eyes

Most women enjoy eye contact. Looking right at us shows respect, engagement and interest in what we are saying.

When a man's eyes wander when he is talking or when he is listening, the connection is lost. This action is telling the woman that something else is more enticing to look at and her need for attention is not as important right now.

2. Hang out with the female best friend

You can get over the fact that he has a lot of female friends. But when he hangs out with them one on one, you can't help but worry a little.

You have met her and she is very nice, but you just want him to include you in the gathering. Doing so would give you more assurance that she really is just a friend.

3. Don't reply after they have read the text

You see that he has read it, but he doesn't reply for hours, if ever. It's not like you expected him to reply seconds after he read it, but waiting for hours makes you rethink the message you sent over and over again.

Men, if you value her, text her back.

4. Forget to introduce you to his friends

There is no proper time to meet the friends, but it should happen sooner rather than later. When his friends are around, he talks to them as if you aren't in the room and then expects you to not wonder why he hasn't formally introduced you.

This puts you in an awkward position because you aren't sure whether to interrupt and say your name, wait patiently or walk away.

5. When it gets too casual

You have been together for a long time and have forgotten to treat each other like royalty. This has made you wonder if the spark is still alive between the two of you. This is when you start to blame yourself and think that you are the reason the fun has left the relationship.

6. He keeps you a secret

It's fine if your relationship is on the down-low when it first starts. You don't want to jinx it or anything. But once your relationship has become exclusive it is time to let her be seen by your family and friends.

You get insecure because you think he is ashamed. It doesn't take much to fix this when all the man needs to do is introduce his girl to his family and friends.

7. He keeps secrets from you

Women are very intuitive. You know when he is keeping something from you and it drives you insane. Even if it is a happy surprise, all you are thinking about is why you're being excluded from something in the first place.

All we want is to be 'in the know.' If he continues to keep secrets from you, it will probably turn into a habit that will make you continually feel inadequate.

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