For some reason, I've gotten the idea that everyone will notice if I skip out on my beauty routine. It's ridiculous; I know. Though a stranger might comment on a lack of teeth-brushing or days of not showering, not much else is noticed. A fear that someone will stop me on the street and ask when I'm getting my bangs trimmed is irrational. If you are plucking, filling, painting, and polishing solely for yourself, then by all means continue. But if you feel like your on-point manicure is what gets you a date, think again. Your beauty routine should be selfish: Do what makes you feel beautiful; don't concern yourself with anybody else.

This mantra is empowering on its own, but more so when you realize that your date on Tuesday couldn't care less about these seven things you fuss about:

The 1,003rd use for coconut oil

Men will comment on how they love your hair curly or that you're wearing a baseball cap. I've never heard a man say, however, how much he loves your impressive lack of split ends. While it's important to keep your hair healthy, there's no need to spend time trying every conceivable coconut oil hair mask in order to eliminate your split ends. People notice that you have hair, and that's about it.

Mascara's scientific method

After months of mascara trials and scouring the makeup department, you've found the perfect combination of volume and lift. The process of elimination has finally paid off. True, you may need a couple different brands of mascara and three brushes to get that ideal lash look, but the result is amazing. Update: While you pay special care to outline and define each lash, you're really the only one who notices. When it comes to makeup, men generally notice when it's there and when it's not, but not much more than that.

Base coat, gel coat, top coat, repeat

If nails are your thing, then you understand the horror of chipped polish - I may or may not be speaking personally. At one point, I stashed the bottle of whatever color I was sporting for the day in my bag so I could avoid the embarrassment of chipped nails. To say I was overly conscious would be an understatement.

Between lunch and a movie, I pulled out the bottle for a quick brush up. My date commented, "Oh, I hadn't noticed you had your nails done." I couldn't believe it; how did he not notice that my nails were painted; let alone chipped? That teeny conversation was a huge "ah-ha" moment. At present, a date has yet to comment on this season's must-have shade, and manicures are now an occasional "me-time" splurge.

If it fits, it zips (easily)

Your elation may stem from knowing that your dress is actually a size two, but unless things don't fit quite right, your date won't notice. Dress in what fits your body well, and don't concern yourself with numbers on a little tag.

"Not cute" cuticles

I had a roommate who always commented on how bad her cuticles were. It wasn't anything I myself gave much thought to, but she spent time (and money!) on creams and DIY manicure sets. She was very sensitive towards this particular feature, but I hadn't even noticed that aspect about her. Her bubbly personality was much more captivating than the state of her cuticles; I'm willing to bet the boys in her life felt the same.

Exaggerating your likeness to Godzilla

Peppermint or unscented? Salt scrub or sugar soak? Daily moisturizer or super intense whipped body cream with moisture beads? The lotion department can create countless inner battles that in essence don't really matter. As long as your legs aren't looking reptilian, there's no purpose fussing over the particulars of your lotion routine.

Vogue's "non-tweezed" look

Convincing yourself to pluck a few baby fine hairs before running out the door really isn't worth it. Thankfully, the real world is not like those brightly lit make-up mirrors that seem to scream out your "imperfections." Who is even going to get that close to your face to notice a few stray hairs? If you answered "Mr. Wonderful," I'm guessing he wants a kiss, not perfectly plucked eyebrows.

These little realizations may help you to streamline your morning routine, or not fret if a surprise swim party catches you without waterproof mascara. While I find an insane amount of confidence inside of a bright shade of lipstick, I've gotten to the point where I wear it for me, not for everybody else " which gives me more confidence than any shade ever could.

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