Nail polish used to come in six colors: clear, a creamy ivory, pale pink, fuchsia, red and a medium nude. Shades varied a bit, but choices were limited. Black? Only the small crowd of Goths wore that hue.

Today, nail polish colors are readily available in every color of the rainbow, which means there's really a polish pigment for every mood (whereas back when, only mood rings could help your hands show others how you were feeling).

When you put your best toes (or fingers) forward in various colors, they can say so much, including your feelings on your love life:


Red polish is popular on Valentine's Day or Independence Day, sure, but what about the other days of the year? Red is a color of warmth, heat and passion, as notes. It demands attention, saying you're ready for love or are fired up about the love you have. It speaks of action, says: maybe you've been waiting for the right time to say what you feel, or you've been lying low. Now is the time to grab the love of your life and move forward.


Pink, in its softer pastel version, speaks of love, too, but the more romantic side of it. It isn't focused quite as much on conquering or on desire but on keeping it sweet. It's the color of a blush, of flirtation, of being ultra-feminine. It's ruffles and ribbons, cool breezes on a picnicking day. Pink is about sweet kisses, holding hands, catching someone's eye and coyly looking away and back. It is a way to dip your toe into the romantic waters and test them out.

Fuchsia, burgundy or purple tones

These colors combine elements of the passion and heat of red with the coolness and depth of the blues. The dark shades speak of intensity, a smoldering heat that doesn't burn quickly but lasts. A special night with a longtime love would be perfectly accented with a deep, dark wine, as well as a dinner at an upscale restaurant or a weekend at a nice resort, since the darker colors indicate opulence and richness. Or if you don't have a fancy time planned with your handsome hunk, maybe painting the shade on your nails means you're fantasizing about it.

Nude and brown tones

These more neutral colors speak of relaxation, of becoming one with the Earth, with the sandy beach (show off your tinted tootsies there in some cute flip-flops) or freshly piled autumn leaves. Fireworks aren't planned, but just some simple one-on-one time with your love. The earthy tones are confident without being forward or attention-grabbing. Polish in these colors shows the world you're comfortable with your love and your life and that you feel your relationship will endure.


Brushing on this cheery and bright color shows the world you're feeling playful, carefree, energetic. You're happy with your life just as it is - whether you're single or coupled - and if you're single, a good romantic partner coming into the picture will have to fit nicely like a matching puzzle piece. He will be attracted to you just for who you are, not because you're trying to get his attention, but because you're a bright and shining light that inexorably draws him in.


Yep, this refreshing color is another one that speaks of being down to earth and optimistic without being quite as bright and provocative as yellow. As a nail color, it's fun and speaks of nature, of spring-fresh grass touched with dew and the cooling shade of trees. It's welcoming, open, restful and balanced. If you're feeling an overall sense of well-being in your love life, or if you're looking for growth or balance, green is your color.


You're looking for a clean slate or experiencing a new start. White is a popular color for weddings, of course: your dress is white or ivory and you want your nails to match that feeling of newness, of purity and the beginnings of something beautiful. White could just mean you're ready for a peaceful day or week, with nothing complicated. Take a few days to clear the air, to experience simplicity, before starting anew with brighter and bolder colors.

Of course, we don't usually feel one emotion at one time. We're complex creatures with a world of feelings fluttering around inside us. For days you can't make up your mind with one color, try a color-changing nail polish from Del Sol and show off many of your fun character traits at once.

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