You're done with work for the week, and you finally have time to relax. But those free Saturdays can also cause a lot of damage to your marriage. Here are seven ways Saturdays are actually ruining your relationship:

1. Tasks become the focus

You work during the week, so Saturdays become your time to get all those miscellaneous things done — fixing the sink and changing the car oil and all the other little things that you haven't had time for all week. But if you're too focused on getting things done, you forget that your Saturday is also a day to spend time with your spouse. And yes, all those little things need to get done; but not at the expense of your relationship.

2. Laziness creeps in

On the flip side, being lazy is just as harmful as working too hard. If Saturdays are solely for lounging around, then your marriage will slowly erode. You're telling your spouse that your marriage isn't worth dressing up for, planning a date for or even getting out of bed in the morning for.

3. That extra shift was calling your name

If possible, find a job where you both only work during the week. Working on the weekends takes time and energy away from spending time with your family. It can also cause your spouse to feel like you're putting work first.

4. Overspending becomes an issue

Spending too much money on your weekend recreational activities can put a big strain on your marriage. Money problems are the leading cause of divorce. Be careful to not make overspending on weekends a habit.

5. Friends become a priority

Saturday is the day that you and all your friends are finally free. If you haven't seen your bestie all week, it's natural for you to want to spend time together. But be sure that spending time with your friends doesn't take away from spending time with the most important person in your life.

6. Media takes over

Saturdays are the perfect time for technology to pull you in and suck away your time. If you don't have a date night planned, you'll probably resort to watching TV. If you can't think of anything to talk about, then you'll probably start going through your Instagram. Media is a distraction that can cause you to compare your life to other people's in unhealthy ways; and it can be a major strain on your relationship.

7. Routines happen

It is important to try new things together every so often to keep things fresh. Routines can get boring, and boredom corrodes your marriage. To keep your marriage spark alive, find new ways to have adventures together.

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