Want your spouse's mind to be filled with loving thoughts of you throughout the day? Giving him or her the right kind of kisses can go a long way in making that happen. Here are some suggestions to help your kisses make a lasting and endearing impression.

Let your kisses linger

Quick pecks serve little to show how much you love your mate. At least a few kisses throughout the day need to be the lingering kind. Right now shut your eyes and count out ten seconds. That's at least how long a lingering kiss should last. At first that may seem like a long time. It's what happens during that time that makes it enjoyable and memorable - for both of you.

So, you may ask, what needs to happen during the lingering kiss? For starters, think of romantic moments when you felt like you adored every part of her or him. Get in the right mind set. It need only take a second for that to happen because your mind will already be in gear to enjoy the meshing of your lips. Anticipate it. Enjoy it to the fullest. Don't let anything else enter your mind at that moment. If the kids are making a fuss, ignore it. Let this be a moment of sweet mental and physical escape. In other words, you're going to shut out the world and completely enjoy each other's lips to the fullest.

Make hugs part of your kisses

We're talking full body contact here. Your arms are fully around each other as you pull each other closer and closer during the kiss. Make that embrace have meaning. Let it sizzle as contact is made from your shoulders down to your knees. In order for the sizzle to happen you have to completely enjoy the togetherness of your bodies. Feel the strength of his; feel the tenderness of hers. Male and female bodies are different, in case you hadn't noticed. Enjoy the differences during those kisses.

Don't limit your kisses

Just because you kiss once when you wake up in the morning doesn't mean you're done for the day. Not by any stretch of the imagination. If the kisses are enjoyable, you won't want to be done. You'll want it to happen again and again. In an interview of a couple married 70 years they were asked what made it work. One thing they mentioned was that every night before going to bed they would say a prayer together, then kiss. Not just once, but three times. The wife said, "Always we have three kisses at the end of the prayer. It makes all the difference."

Kissing more than once can clear the mind of the troubles of the day. It's like a soothing balm, so to speak, that fills the body and brings peace to the soul. What a gift to give to each other. Goodness knows the pressures we meet head on throughout the day can be overwhelming. What a joyful thing to have such an easy remedy for stress. Kissing can bring peace.

Kiss during acts of intimacy

Making love to your spouse can become routine unless you keep it alive with passionate kisses. A woman told us at one of our seminars that her husband never kisses her when they are intimate. He just gets what he wants and is done. That's a sad commentary. How unrewarding that would be, not only for her, but for him, too. There can be no romance or deep feelings of love when that happens. Sexual relationships need to be a tender, fulfilling time for each partner. Lingering, passionate kisses can help make that happen. Just be sure to keep tenderness in the passion.

Let your kids see some of those kisses

There is nothing that brings more security to children than to know that their parents love each other. When they see you kissing it's a confirmation that all is well in their family, even if there are rough spots. As kids grow a bit older they may cringe at the site of parents kissing. It's only an act, so just ignore it. They think they have to respond that way. Inside, they are happy to see mom and dad loving on each other. Besides, how else will kids know how to treat their future mates if they never see their parents kissing? That doesn't mean they should be in on any of the more intimate side of your marriage. That's private and must be kept private. But, seeing you kiss at least a few times during the day will warm young hearts.

Find a few different place to kiss

You don't have to limit your kisses to your home or your bedroom. Take a drive to a quiet spot and sit in the car and kiss. Or, sit on a rock in a mountain area and go for it. Make it fun and a little risky - like you're having a little clandestine moment with your lover.

When you're walking through the neighborhood or in a park, steal a kiss now and then. That could certainly make taking a walk have greater meaning. The point here is to sneak a kiss in whenever you can. Be sure you each feel comfortable doing it. Keeping it somewhat private will add to the intrigue. But don't be concerned if someone sees you. Maybe they'll catch on and do the same with their spouse.

Lips can do one more thing

Not only can lips kiss, they can also speak. Say the words "I love you." It matters. We need to hear these words as part of at least some of those kisses. And especially following the most passionate ones. So put your lips to work and make your marriage sizzle a little bit more each day.

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