The most important person in your life deserves your undivided attention at key times in his life. Give him that attention during these 8 important times, and his love for you will grow by leaps and bounds.

1. When the day begins

Notice him right off the bat. Kiss him and tell him you love him first thing in the morning. He can face a lot of dragons out there when he knows he is adored by the woman of his dreams. By doing this, like the song says, you can be the wind beneath his wings. Having that kind of love in his life can, indeed, make a man's spirits soar.

2. When he feels sad

There will be times when he feels like his world is falling apart. Many things can bring this on-losing a job, being rejected by a friend, feeling unappreciated at work, or even something as simple as his favorite team losing a game. Whatever it is, be sympathetic. You don't have to make things all better, just be there and listen without criticizing him. Bring him his favorite drink or treat as he sits in his easy chair in his mopy mood. You might even try giving him a back rub or gentle shoulder massage. These can be relaxing and comforting. Do whatever you think will let him know you care.

3. When he steps into the next decade

Sometimes these milestone birthdays can make a guy feel old and "over the hill". Let him know you think he's still your prince charming. Celebrate the day without making a big deal out of how old he is, just that you're mighty glad he was born. In fact, every birthday needs celebrating. He needs to feel pampered on his special day. Fix his favorite dinner, or go out to a restaurant you know he really likes. Sometimes invite close friends to come along. Make a big deal out of it. Plan ahead and give him a gift you know he'll enjoy. He's worth it.

4. When he gets a raise

Be super glad with him. Praise him for his work and let him know you think this is well-deserved. Enjoy this moment with him. Let him know how much you appreciate how hard he works to keep a roof over head and food in the pantry.

5. When he's sick

Nobody wants to be sick. But sometimes it just happens. That's life. When it happens to your guy, be his best-ever nurse. Fluff his pillow, take his temperature, bring him orange juice or whatever sounds good to him. Keep the kids at a distance so he can get some rest. If it's serious, see that he gets to the doctor. Help him remember to take his medications and do what the doctor ordered. Be there for him in kind and loving ways, and he'll recover faster and feel deeply loved by you. That's healing in and of itself.

6. When he's performing

Whether he's running a marathon or giving an important speech, be there to cheer him on. Just seeing you there can give him confidence and encouragement. There is nothing quite like the smiling face of a spouse to spur you on.

7. When he's on a business trip

This is the perfect time to send him a text message that you love him. Even a little comment like, "Looking at you makes my heart skip a beat." Or "I'm so lucky to be married to you!" Then call him when you know he'll be back at the hotel. Let him know you miss him and are thinking of him. Be interested in how his day went and what's happening. Keep in touch. It matters significantly.

8. When he comes home each day

Greet him with loving arms and a kiss. Not a peck, but a kiss that lets him know you are happy beyond words to be with him again. It's fun to come home to a wife who can't wait to hold you close once again. Be sure to tell him you love him. It makes all the hard work well worth the effort.

These are a few of the times that matter. Paying attention to your man during these important moments of his life can bring great blessings and will strengthen your marriage relationship.

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