Before I got married, everyone and their dog told me how hard the first year of marriage would be. They told me my husband and I would fight, we would struggle and that we would quickly find that marriage isn't just a magical fairytale.

They were partially right. We had some struggles, we had a few little arguments and we didn't (and still don't) wake up looking like Cinderella and Prince Charming most mornings. But they were wrong when they told me that the first year would be the absolute worst.

I loved moving in with my husband, making a life together and chatting until we fell asleep at 2 am. I loved having someone to lean on and cry with when life got hard. I loved marriage, and I still do. My husband was and is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Not everyone has the same experience I did in their first year, but here are eight signs your husband is also the best thing that has happened to you:

1. He makes the hard times easier

Hard times are inevitable. Whether you're going through unemployment, loss of a loved one or any other type of heartache, you turn to him for comfort and love. He knows he can't lift your entire burden (he would if he could), but he does everything in his power to lighten your load.

2. He helps you

He knows you get stressed and you have a million things to do. You might not notice sometimes, but he's always doing little things like doing the dishes and making dinner to make life easier on you.

3. He cares about you

Your sweet husband genuinely cares about you. He knows what makes you stressed, he knows how to comfort you and he'll do anything to keep you happy. Nothing makes him happier than seeing you live your best life.

4. He listens to you

Your hubby will drop everything just to listen to the sound of your voice, and he'll never purposefully ignore you. If he's busy and you're telling him a story, he'll either drop what he's doing or ask you to tell him later because he wants you to have his full, undivided attention.

5. He makes you a priority

You're the number one priority in your husband's life, and he would do anything to give you what you need. You truly support each other in everything you do, and he makes sure you're always taken care of.

6. He shows his love for you

Maybe he kisses your forehead, holds your hand or brings you flowers, or maybe he doesn't do any of those things. But he has his own special way of letting you know you're the love of his life (even if it's making you a pizza at midnight).

7. He makes you happy

Your husband isn't perfect, but he does everything he can to make you happy. There's nothing better to him in the entire world than seeing your gorgeous smile.

8. You could never live without him

When I fell in love with my husband, I felt physically sick when I thought about living my life without him by my side. If your husband adds this kind of happiness into your life, you're a lucky woman.

Of course, no man is perfect. You and your husband will disappoint each other sometimes, and hopefully you'll get really good at apologies and forgiveness. But no matter what happens, if your husband does these eight things, he's the best thing that's happened to you.

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