There's nothing in the world like new love, but that shine tends to wear off eventually. If you're looking for lasting love, your relationship is going to have to survive a few hurdles. These relationship tests will show you whether there's some substance under all that shine.

1. Assemble furniture

You might think the nuts and bolts of your relationship are strong - until you're faced with the nuts and bolts of a complicated, confusing (likely Scandinavian) piece of living room furniture. If you can get through the complex process of assembling a new entertainment cabinet or dining room hutch, your relationship just might have some stamina. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, assembling IKEA furniture can actually be a serious source of friction between a couple.

2. Stop having sex

OK, not all relationship tests are enjoyable. But if your relationship is based purely on sex, you'll know it as soon as you stop having it. While sex is an important part of any relationship, it could be a bad sign if it just can't survive without it (at least for a few days). Focus on how you treat each other out of the bedroom - do you have enough to talk about? Do you share favorite pastimes? You'll be surprised what you learn about each other when you're out of the sheets.

3. Take a vacation

Vacations are meant for rest and relaxation, right? Well, for many couples, traveling together can be a litmus test for the strength of their relationship. From the stress of planning the trip to the copious amounts of time spent together, to learning (maybe too much) about each other's daily habits, a vacation might make or break your relationship. Choose an all-inclusive package, so at least you won't have the stress of choosing restaurants and splitting up the bills.

4. Try something new

Any new relationship is a risk, but sometimes all it takes is a little external risk-taking to strengthen your bond. Try a new activity together - like bungee jumping, zip lining or another fun (and possibly frightening) adventure - and see how well you encourage and support each other in an uncomfortable situation.

5. Get in one heck of a fight

There's something idyllic about the time between meeting your new "amour" and getting into a raging, knock-down drag-out with said partner. But that time must come to an end, and your first big fight will be a good indicator of how well you can communicate, compromise and move forward as a couple. In fact, Dr. Dan Neuharth, a licensed marriage and family therapist was quoted on saying, "I tell couples that their first big fight is actually the real beginning of an intimate love affair."

6. Meet the family

Relationships aren't just about two people - they're about two lives. Meeting your significant other's family (and introducing your partner to yours) is a big step in your relationship - and a big test. How does your partner react to your family dynamics? Does your partner support your relationships? Do you enjoy spending time with your partner's family? These are big questions that tell a lot about your relationship.

7. Play a game

Everyone has a little competitive edge in them, but if a game of Settlers of Catan can send your partner into a three-day sulking depression, it's best you know that now. If your partner is the type of person who ruins a game, regardless of whether he or she wins, that could lead to a long life of walking on eggshells (and a life of few board games).

8. Catch a bug

Your partner loves you at your best, but what about when you have the flu? How about a broken ankle? Physical illness and injury can be tough on relationships, so this can be a telling time for both the suffering and the caretaking partners. When you find a partner who supports you when you're vomiting on the bathroom floor (or, worse, nowhere near the bathroom), you've likely found a winner.

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