Men and women are different - that shouldn't come as a surprise. But sometimes, these differences can ruin a relationship. They can outweigh some of your loveliest attributes. These differences may be so intolerable that they can turn a man away, even if the relationship was going well.

These are some of the most common female behaviors that men complain about:

1. Women who curse

Swearing doesn't look attractive coming from anyone, but when women swear, it becomes even more unattractive. This vulgar habit conflicts with the femininity men love so much about women.

2. Women who gossip

Men do not like gossiping women who make a point to talk badly about other people's lives and spread lies and rumors. If he hears the way you talk about others, he gets an idea about how you speak about him when he's not there.

3. Vain women

Women whose focus is onlyon the way they act or dress aren't taken seriously by most men. Their provocative looks may draw attention at first, but it never lasts.

4. Careless women

Men like women who mindful and attentive in all aspects of their lives. While a man who truly loves you will think you're beautiful in your sweatpants, no amount of love can make it OK for a woman to be constantly rude, lazy and unshowered.

5. Women with a bad attitude

Mood swings are a common (especially around "that time of the month") but if a woman has a consistently bad attitude, no man is going to want to date her. Try to keep your own spirits up and encourage yourself to be patient and understanding. With these changes, you'll attract a man who is will to do the same for you.

6. Women who hurt feelings

When you make fun of your man and the things he does in front of other people, your beau feels ashamed or embarrassed. No one wants to spend time with a person who is intentionally hurtful, even if it's just for a laugh.

7. Women who criticise

Women who only scold, criticise and never give a single compliment are seen as annoying and grouchy - not someone you want to be around.

8. A greedy women

A women who is focused on money and spending will lead to a bad break up. There is no way a relationship of understanding and financial security can flourish with this type of habit. Men who realize their woman is greedy leave in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, these undesirable attitudes and tendencies can be changed. We all have the opportunity to rethink our behavior, especially if it is one that's causing any man in your life to leave.

This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "8 coisas sobre as mulheres que os homens acham desagradáveis." It was originally published on

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