Some of the highest rated "characteristics" that women find unattractive in men fall under arrogance, lack of chivalry, boasting, video gaming, lying and being irresponsible. So keep those in mind — but as far as just physical appearance is concerned, avoid these ten mistakes and your attractiveness will improve exponentially.

1. Poor hygiene

This is the No. 1 turn-off for any woman. She understands that you are going to smell like BO after a basketball game, but you shouldn't smell like that when you come to pick her up for dinner, or when you are just hanging out. There are all types of deodorant; even clinical strength if needed. Find one that works for you.

And shower regularly. Women love the feeling of clean skin and a "shower fresh" smell.

2. Bad breath

When your breath is about to make her faint, she will want to distance herself — a couple of states away if possible. Get a tongue scraper (yes, they have those, and yes, they make a huge difference!), brush and rinse your mouth multiple times daily, and if need be, keep gum or mints on hand.

3. Cologne overload

Now don't get us wrong, women LOVE good aromas; especially when it comes from our man. But when you've put so much on that you are a walking cloud of cologne, we can't really breathe. Keeping a happy medium is important: Smell good, but don't be overbearing.

4. Unkempt Hair

We're not just talking about greasy head hair. We are also talking excessive hair (ears, nose, etc.). And if the back and chest are getting out of control, do something about it. I mean, we shave our legs a couple times a week for you.

5. Bad manners

The belching and the toilet humor have their time and place. We understand that it sometimes slips, but to constantly be doing it makes her feel like she is in the room with a bunch of five-year-old boys.

6. Sunglasses tan

This one may be weird, but it's true; women don't like the raccoon look on their men. Use a little sunscreen — you'll lower your chances for skin cancer, and keep the even skin tone look.

7. Excessive tattoos

Many women love the look of clean skin and can sometimes turn away from all-over-the-body tattoos. If you really want one, try not to cover yourself with them.

8. Dirty fingernails

She holds your hands and you touch her face with them. Keep your nails clipped and clean.

Taking time to groom yourself will increase your own self-confidence and make you feel better, and people will love to be around you more. Making sure you are well-groomed tells us all sorts of good things about you. And yes, all of this is very attractive to a woman.

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