You're faced with a choice - swipe left or swipe right. That's the premise of Tinder, the online dating app that's been sweeping the nation in recent years.

Among the 40 million people who engage in online dating, 13 million are using Tinder overall with 10 million using it on a daily basis, research suggests. The app has made more than 1 billion matches, exceeding its previous goals of 1 million and 500 million, according to Tech Crunch.

So with all of these users on Tinder - 53 percent being aged 18 to 24, the largest of any demographic - different strategies have been created to meet the right people.

Here's a look at eight successful strategies, some ridiculous and some calculated, that people have used on Tinder since its inception:

The power swipe

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe.

This strategy is as simple as swiping right on every single person that comes your way, giving yourself high odds of finding someone who will swipe right for you, too. The Daily Dot highlighted this strategy in a recent piece, looking into why it is so popular among males.

"It seems like it has less to do with not being 'picky,' and more to do with the recognition that there are more men than women on most dating apps; so if you're male, swiping right indiscriminately increases the chance of getting matches," wrote EJ Dickson for The Daily Dot. "That's not so much a reflection of the inherent difference between men and women's attitudes toward online dating, as it is a simple numbers game."

The cupcake

This guy has got one sweet strategy. To appeal to the swipers with a sweet tooth, a Colorado man, Lee Breslouer, made his main picture a cupcake, and the results were pretty positive, The Elite Daily reported.

"Breslouer started to get more and more traction on Tinder," The Elite Daily reported. "Granted, the messages were sometimes creepy ... but others were clearly amused by his humorous take on dating and his unique approach."

The thoughtful approach

Want to get serious with someone? Take the thoughtful approach by reading through all of someone's information, checking out their photos, and making sure they're really a right fit for you.

The coach

You don't always have to go it alone. Tinder coaches are available. TinderUs is a service that helps you get matches and find some success with swiping. It costs $50, and it is in the BETA phase, so be cautious with this one.

The confidence booster

So you're swiping along and your friend pops up. Do you give them the left - because you're just friends - or go right, since you're trying to give them the confidence boost? You may want to swipe right on this one, since your friend may give you the confidence booster, too.

But be careful with the friend swipe. As Tinderella of Gizmodo notes, you don't want to give off the wrong impression.

"It's similar fare for friends outside of the office," Tinderella wrote. "If you happen upon them on Tinder, you have to be the bigger person and think of the implications on the broader friend circle before you swipe."

The traveler

Caught in Chicago and your flight is delayed? Tinder could help you get a quick date for the night, and help you expand your horizons, pushing you into a deep pool of people.

"For me, it fills a number of functions," wrote Siena for Yahoo! Travel. "First, there's curiosity: I know how the New York dating pool looks, but what if I lived in L.A.? Or Athens? Or Nicaragua or Brazzaville?"

The mysterious play

Want a connection that goes beyond the physical? Try withholding photos from your profile. This strategy will definitely alert you early to the people only looking for fun, so that's a positive if you're interested in getting serious. But beware that some users may not view your account because they'll think you are fake or inactive.

The tiger

Yes, this is actually a thing.

Men have been posing for their Tinder pictures with tigers, starting up a sub-culture of Tinder users called "Tinder Guys with Tigers." While this has gained popularity in recent months, legislation may be sending it into extinction, according to RYOT.

Happy swiping!

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