Heartbreaks crush you inside and out. Days, or even weeks after, you can still feel the emotional pain squeeze your heart and turn your legs into Jell-O. If you are wondering how to get over such pain, don't bust out a spoon and a gallon of ice cream just yet. Here are nine affirmations to tell yourself when you're getting over a severe heartbreak:

1. I love _ about myself

A breakup means losing someone who cared about and loved you. With that suddenly gone from your life, you might be tempted to find another man to fill in that missing piece. But don't rush off to the next guy too soon. Take a moment and learn how to love yourself first.

To do just that, give yourself a compliment every day. It can be something about your physical appearance, your personality or even your talents. By focusing on loving yourself, you can better prepare yourself to give love to another person.

2. It's OK to feel sad

Your first reaction might be to sob immediately after a breakup. And that's OK! You just lost someone important to you, so let your feelings out. Allow yourself to express your feelings (even if it's in private) so you can move on.

3. These feelings are only temporary

Remind yourself this is only temporary. You will be able to open yourself up again, and you will be able to find love again. It can be easy to slip into despair thinking you lost the love of your life. But remember these feelings aren't forever. To remind yourself, write it on a note and stick it on your bathroom mirror so you can see it every day. Being constantly reminded that this is only temporary can help keep you afloat until you're yourself again.

4. This breakup is good for me because _

Think about why you broke up. Maybe you had communication issues. Maybe you were headed in different directions. Maybe he broke your heart one too many times. Remind yourself why this breakup is good for you. Remind yourself of the toxic relationship you left behind so you could lead a more positive life.

5. My family is my rock

Turn to your family for support. Spend time with them, express your feelings, listen to their advice and simply enjoy each other's company. Expressing yourself and taking their advice can help you see things in a whole new light. And taking time away from thinking about the breakup can help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

6. I gave this my all

Don't put all the blame on yourself. Tell yourself you put everything you could into the relationship. Knowing this can help you move forward with peace and acceptance.

7. I will learn from my past relationship and watch for those red flags in the future

Don't tell yourself a failed relationship was a waste of time. You gained so much from it. You learned what you like and don't like in a boyfriend or girlfriend, and that's what dating is all about. Take a mental note of the qualities you'd like in your next relationship and the ones you'd care to avoid.

8. I will find someone who treats me the way I deserve

It's tempting to run back to an old relationship - it's familiar and seems comforting. But doing so will only put you in the same toxic relationship you were trying to escape. Remind yourself that you'll find someone to treat you the way you deserve.

9. I know my worth

When you know your worth, you'll be able to find someone who sees and treats you the same way. This is because when you think of yourself highly, you won't put up with someone who treats you any less than you're worth. Take time to grow your self-worth while you're single.

Breakups are devastating. But in this time of pain, build yourself up by telling yourself these nine things. Fueling your emotional health will help you be ready for the next lucky guy or girl that comes along.

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