Let's face it; we all have things we dislike about the opposite sex. I dislike the fact that all my husband has to do to lose weight is go the gym once a week and cut back on eating too many sweets. While I, on the other hand, workout 3 hours a day and stay on a strict diet and can't lose a pound. It's annoying, but I still love him!

Here are 9 more annoying habits men hate about women:

Going to the bathroom all of the time

It seems most men are made with iron bladders. They can go all day long without a stop in the restroom; however most women need frequent stops. It can be annoying to have to pull the car over or wait outside a restroom for a woman, but that is why most bathrooms have a chair for the man to sit and wait for us.

Taking forever to get ready

In most cases, the woman does take longer than the man to get ready. There are usually more steps to our readying process (make-up, hair, accessories) that men usually do not need to complete, and it may frustrate them that it takes us so much longer to be presentable.

Of course, one reason they were attracted to us is because of how we look, so they learn to deal with it, otherwise we would not look as good as we do.

Being late

Both men and women can suffer from constantly being late, but it seems women tend to outweigh the men on this one. Perhaps it is because we take longer to get ready, or because we are usually responsible for getting all the kids/diaper bags/snacks/everything else ready as well. Even when we plan ahead, a last minute blow out or melt down can make us a few minutes late.

Not being able to make a decision

The only time I was not indecisive was when I was pregnant. I knew exactly where and what I wanted to eat. I could explain in detail how I was feeling and what I wanted to do. My husband loved it. He liked being able to ask me a question and get an answer right away. Most the time, however, I am like most women who struggle to make a decision.

There are just so many variables and factors that will influence our choices. We take into consideration what everyone else likes, how what we do will affect them years from now, and even down to what they do or do not like to eat. It makes the decisions much more complicated, which means it is harder to decide.

Putting the kids first

A lot of men find it annoying when we make choices that are better for the kids than for them. Women should not be disregarding their husband's desires or well-being, but if we are going to a movie, we most likely will choose the one where the kids will be able to follow and understand instead of the one we may have to cover their eyes through most of.


Women are better at multitasking than men. When men see us multitasking they may not understand that we are paying attention to what they are saying despite the fact that we are cooking dinner and feeding the baby at the same time.

They may feel because we are not giving them 100% of our attention that we are minimizing what they are saying or that they are not the priority at that moment, but really it is because there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done, so we have to pull double duty sometimes. This does not mean we did not catch every detail of what Todd from work did over the weekend.

The emotional rollercoasters we ride

Women tend to experience a variety of emotions. Sometimes it varies day-to-day while other times it can fluctuate by the hour. Trust us; it is not that fun for us either. However, we learn to deal with it and having a supportive, understanding husband really helps. Keep that in mind the next time you get annoyed by a breakdown or waterworks show.

Being right all the time

Okay, so maybe we are not right ALL the time, but we are usually right 9 times out of 10, and that can be really annoying for some men. Women are usually good at reading people. They are also really good at looking towards the future and seeing all possible outcomes (that is why we are so indecisive remember?) so it is easier to predict what might happen.

The phrase "I told you so" is often right on the verge of our tongues, but we often restrain from using it so as not to rub in their face the amount of times we were right versus them.

Beating ourselves up

Another thing women are good at is beating ourselves up. Seeing all the things we could have/should have done, and feeling we are not good enough mothers, wives or friends. This is annoying to a lot of men. They see us as so much better than we see ourselves. They cannot believe that we can possibly feel we are not doing enough, and they wish we could see ourselves as they see us.

Even though some of these things can be very annoying for men, they love us anyway. They learn to wait for us to get ready, know where every bathroom is located in the city that you live and even ride our emotional rollercoasters right with us. It's these little annoying things that endure us to them and prove their love for us.

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