Early on in a relationship, we are on our best behavior. But after the knot is tied and time goes on, we tend to become a little too comfortable around our sweetheart. Things slip and bad habits surface. And, unfortunately, in many marriages, these little things can become big stumbling blocks.

To avoid having this happen in your relationship, here is a list of things you should never do in front of your spouse.

1. Pick your nose

Just the other day, I was sitting at a stoplight when a handsome man pulled his car next to mine. Interest turned into disgust, however, when I caught him sticking his finger up his nose. I could not believe it! It proceeded to get worse as I watched him roll his findings into a ball and flick it out the window. By then, every ounce of attraction had vanished.

The truth is, everyone picks their nose. Sometimes it is just necessary. This does not justify sticking your finger up your nose in public, however — and especially in front of your spouse! Believe it or not, the thought of having your fingers entwined with those of a nose picker isn't very appealing.

2. Share details of your past relationships

It is really a bad idea to do this in any kind of romantic relationship. Girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives do not want to hear the details of their significant other's past relationships with old flames. This is not tactful or respectful of your his or her feelings. No one wants to feel like he or she is being compared with their spouse's old boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Pop a pimple or blackhead

Your spouse should not have to watch fluids coming out of your back, forehead, nose or anywhere else. Talk about a turn off! No matter how much your sweetheart loves you, he or she will not find puss coming out of you attractive.

4. Belching or flatulence

I had to find more pleasant words for these items in the dictionary. Women do not normally have much of an issue in this area. However, men seem to think it is funny and can get a little too comfortable doing this around their wives. Remember, married or not, burping and farting is impolite and rather disgusting. Especially in the middle of dinner or under the covers. Your wife will not be impressed.

5. Put your hands in your mouth

A friend of mine told me of a date she had with her boyfriend at a nice restaurant. During the meal, her date slipped his entire hand in his mouth to reach for a piece of meat that had been stuck between his back teeth. He pulled it out, stared at it, then popped the chunk back in his mouth and ate it. My poor friend couldn't eat a single thing after that.

Try to be respectful of your spouse as you eat together. Picking your teeth with your fingernails is a sure way to make your sweetheart lose his or her appetite. Take good care of your oral hygiene and try to keep your hands out of your mouth, especially before a kissing session with your hubby.

6. Cough or sneeze without covering your mouth

If you have a cold or allergy, walk around with a tissue in your pocket. Simply covering your mouth shows that you care and do not want someone else to be infected with whatever virus or bacteria you are carrying. Try to refrain from blowing germs all over your spouse.

7. Remove hair

Unless you are one of those exotic couples where the man loves shaving her legs or the woman loves to shave his beard, do not let him see you shave your legs, groin, armpits, or pluck away your mustache with tweezers. It's like wrapping a present in front of the person you are giving a gift to. Let him enjoy the end result only.

8. Chew with your mouth open

This is only one item of many that show total lack of manners and education. Just because you have tied the knot with your honey does not mean he or she wants to see what you are eating. Try to continue to be the gentleman or lady you were around your spouse when you were dating.

9. Use the bathroom

I did not want to talk about it, but I need to. Some couples feel like marriage means no privacy. I have a friend that continues to have conversations as she or her husband uses the bathroom. Some moments should not have to be shared. Smells and sounds that come from the bathroom are not very good at creating a romantic atmosphere and can be downright embarrassing. Leave a little mystery in your marriage and close the bathroom door.

This article is an adaptation and translation of the original article, "10 coisas que uma mulher nunca deve fazer em frente ao seu marido - e vice-versa." It has been republished here with permission.

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