Whether you're married or in a dating relationship, you want to keep the physical element of your romance healthy. To keep the spark alive, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your kisses are ones to remember:

1. Give more attention to lips

Lips have a huge amount of nerves per square centimeter. The higher the number of nerve endings, the more sensitive that area is; so more contact with your lips will leave you twitterpated.

2. Floss

Everyone knows that you should brush your teeth before you kiss; but people sometimes forget about flossing. Flossing reaches places in between your teeth that you can't clean with a toothbrush, and will give you fresh breath that lasts longer. If you're worried about having bad breath, then this is a must (and probably something you should be doing more often anyway).

3. Citrus mouthwash

Minty mouthwashes smell clean, but you can do even better by drinking half a cup of orange juice before you kiss. The citrus also has a clean and fresh feel, but it's more exciting. The sweet and tangy taste will make your kisses as sweet as sugar, and can make your partner's mouth water in anticipation of your kiss.

4. Breathe

This isn't a yoga session, but keep your breathing soft, calm and steady. It's also nice to occasionally press your cheek to your significant other's and breathe out slowly. The warm air is relaxing, and it's more intimate to feel someone else breathe.

5. Give feedback

If a kiss was good, let them know that you liked it. Positive encouragement is vastly more effective than any kind of criticism, so find a subtle way to let them know what is and isn't good. If there's something that you do or don't want your partner to do, tell them. This keeps you both on the same page.

7. Keep them guessing

Alternate the pace of your kissing. This keeps you both focused and interested in what's going to happen next. Maybe even tease a little with switching up your kisses.

8. Use your hands

Show your partner that you sincerely care by pulling them close or by playing with their hair.

9. Be kind

When kissing, make sure that you're paying attention to your partner's signals. Don't do anything that would make either of you uncomfortable or embarrassed. Be respectful of boundaries. Remember that this is a person you care about — not an object.

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