Feeling loved is a necessity of human existence. Poets have spoken of love from the beginning of time. Nobody can imagine a life without loving or being loved. However, many people also have a misunderstanding about the concept of love, and because of their personal interpretation, they make implausible demands on their partners, confusing manipulation and jealousy with love.

You might ask yourself then, "How do I know that my partner loves me?"

Well, I'll tell you.

1. He won't hurt you

Although it's hard to always see every situation from both points of view, he looks sideways to make sure his actions won't hurt you. That doesn't mean he'll always indulge you or go against his own values ""‹and ethics to make you happy.

2. He's always be honest

He will speak the truth and act honestly. Believe it or not, there are some couples who love each other and just end their relationship because it's best for both people. If someone loves you, he'll be honest.

3. He respects you

He'll never try coerce you into doing something you don't want to do. He respects your body, your words and your decisions.

4. He doesn't play with your feelings

It's complex to explain. Even if there's love, sometimes a relationship doesn't work. If both people are emotionally mature, it's possible that they're capable of seeing when it's best for both parties to end the relationship on good terms. He won't make you go into something that would only prolong the pain and can eventually become a big problem.

5. He includes you in his decisions

It could be a trip or a major purchase, but your opinion will always be taken into account. If he loves you, he will value your opinion.

6. He sees your potential

Yes, he may notice things you could change or improve, but he will point them out without offending you. He motivates you to be your best.

7. He supports you in your goals and dreams

He's important to you, so your dreams are important to him too. He will help you and advise you on how you can be your best and achieve your goals. Even if you fail, he'll be there to comfort you.

8. He loves and respect your family

He will show how much he loves you by how he respects your loved one. Where I'm from they say that when you accept one person, you welcome their loved ones too. This implies that if he loves you, he'll love your loved ones as well.

9. He forgives your past

When he loves you, it won't matter how many mistakes or failures you had in the past because what matters is the life he has with you now.

The purest essence and expression of love is manifest through actions, emotions and attitudes without any hint of selfishness. He will give the best of himself with an eye towards the future. Never forget that "love is just a word until someone gives it a meaning."

This is an adaptation and translation of the original article 9 maneras de estar segura que tu esposo te ama originally published on familias.com.

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