Love is ever-growing and ever-changing. Your marriage isn't going to stay in that honeymoon phase forever, but that's OK - if you really commit to your relationship, your love will only improve as time goes on. Here are nine ways to make sure your husband stays madly in love with you as the two of you grow older.

1. Be kind

It's such a great feeling watching the person you love serve others. Whether it's simply speaking kindly to your neighbor's children or helping an elderly woman with her groceries, there is nothing more attractive than kindness.

2. Show gratitude

Your sweet husband works hard for your little family, and he wants to make you happy. Let him know that you appreciate being with him and how grateful you are for all that he does. Let him know that you make him happy, and he'll be all the more encouraged to keep working hard for you.

3. Take care of yourself

No one wants a husband who lazes around and watches TV all day, so don't be that kind of wife, either. In marriage, you should be able to feel comfortable with your sweetheart, but by being healthy and hygienic, he'll wonder how in the world he got so lucky.

4. Work hard

Men love a woman who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Show your man that you're willing to work hard to achieve whatever goals you may have set. If you do that, he's sure to stay madly in love with you.

5. Dream big

Going along with the idea of working hard, it's important to have aspirations. As a couple (and as an individual) you should have something to look forward to. See your love grow by working toward these dreams together.

6. Develop a relationship with his family

Get to know his mom as more than just the presumed "monster-in-law" and develop friendships with his siblings. Ask them all for advice or invite them over for the occasional dinner if they live close by. Your husband will love you for the extra effort you make to be a part of his family.

7. Take him on dates

Traditionally, it's the man's responsibility to plan and prepare the dates ... But every once in a while, take charge and take him on a spontaneous date. It's a fun way to shake things up and tell him how much you love him.

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8. Brag about him

When you two go out, tell your friends and family members about how great he is. Tell everyone about the wonderful meal he cooked you or the promotion he just received. He might feel a little bashful, but everyone loves to be bragged about a little bit. He'll love you for loving him so much.

9. Don't take life too seriously

Be able to laugh at yourself. Be goofy and let your silly side come out. When you're willing to have fun and live by the motto "work hard, play hard," your husband will know he scored big time because he has you for a wife.

Even the happiest, most in-love couples have to work to have a successful marriage. If you two really commit to making each other happy, any hurdles that come your way will only make you two grow stronger and fall deeper and deeper in love - even when you're old and gray.

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