There are many reasons two people come together in matrimony. Hopefully the primary motive for marriage is the love that has sprouted between them. But, whatever the case, both parties hope to encounter happiness at the side of the one with whom they have chosen to spend the rest of their life.

However, as time goes on, children are born, people age and some couples forget about the powerful emotions that originally brought them together. Despite everything that they have built together, their marriage begins to deteriorate, leaving it leaning precariously over the pit of extermination.

Here are some tips on how to finally end the suffering and push your marriage into that crevice of destruction instead of nurturing your relationship back to health.

1. Be intolerant of your spouse's imperfections

Your spouse isn't perfect, take advantage of that. Make sure things are the way you like. Be sure to tell her about the little things she does wrong and constantly remind her of the things that she can improve. When you do this, little by little, your partner will stop loving you and will eventually want to leave you.

2. Never listen to your spouse's opinion

Remember that your spouse's opinion is not important. Be sure to ask other people, like friends, family or even complete strangers for advice, rather than your husband. This will decrease communication between you, eating away at your relationship.

3. Put it off

If she asks you for some of your time, always give an excuse. "I'm busy, honey." "I'm going to work." "Football is on, I can't break away." By doing this, you will decrease your value to her, eventually making her have no other choice but to leave you.

4. Be disloyal

Here is your winner. Very few marriages survive a disloyal partner, unless serious repenting occurs, some major effort is made and the mistake never happens again.

Besides these four ideas, here are a few more plans, without detail, that you can implement:

5. Never, ever, praise your partner or recognize the good in him.

6. Don't communicate.

7. Complain about everything, all the time.

8. Never caress or make her feel important.

9. Never let him caress you or make you feel important.

10. Talk bad about your spouse while she is around.

11. If communication were to happen, be sure to yell at him, rather than talk with him.

12. Always blame your spouse for everything.

The list can go on forever. All it takes is to pick a few and implement them into your daily life and "voila!" your marriage will end.

All satire set aside, marriage is an important and powerful union, and most times, the stresses of what seems to be a bad marriage are actually less than what will be felt after divorce. A marriage can only continue if both parties analyze and identify the biggest problems and make their best effort to fix them. Avoiding and solving the problems listed above, including other issues not identified, is the key to NOT destroying your marriage, and bringing back your healthy, vibrant relationship so desperately longed for.

Translated and adapted by David Hall from the original article "Como Estragar Completamente seu Casamento" by Marcia do Amaral Denardi Albuquerque.

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