When we hear "honeymoon," we automatically think of jumping on a plane and heading to a beautiful island or another country. While that may be ideal, not every couple can afford to do that - and by afford, I don't just mean financially. Sometimes couples do not have close family or friends to leave children or pets with. Sometimes days off work are limited.

My husband and I would love to have a second honeymoon, but we have not found the right time to set one up. The second honeymoon we would like to experience is a costly one and, at this time, we cannot afford it. Nevertheless, we put our creative minds in gear and converted our house and bedroom into our own second honeymoon.

Below are four ideas to make your second honeymoon happen now.

Cut lines of communication

If you have children and they are staying overnight at a friend or relative's house, make sure the kids are safe. Then, cut off all lines of communication. No phones, social media or emails. Put all electronics away. A honeymoon is a private time - even if the honeymoon is at home. This is your time to reconnect with your spouse.

Transform your bedroom and bathroom into a honeymoon suite

Fill the rooms with your favorite flowers. Scatter rose petals on the floor, around the bed and on the bed. Place a few fancy chocolates on the pillows. Dim the lights, put on soft music and don't forget to bring along your favorite chilled refreshments with some classy glasses.

Dress attractively

Ladies, put on an enchanting dress - perhaps something your husband has never seen before. Get your hair done and wear a perfume your husband would love. Gentleman, dress in striking attire that will put a smile on your wife. Dress to impress.

Call out for your favorite meal

Though this may sound like any other typical day when you and your spouse are running home late from work and have no time to cook, you can make this dinner different. Call that restaurant you only visit a couple of times a year but love so much. To make the "eating at home" experience different, decorate the dining room in a romantic way. Dim the lights and add soft music.

A second honeymoon at home is a great idea. All you need is 24-48 hours alone and a little creativity. Imagination goes a long way!

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