Mothers are a very important figure in your son's life. The link between a mother and son is one of the most precious and special relationships a woman shares. When her little man grows up and starts paying attention to "other girls," a mom can experience a little jealousy and possessiveness"hence the popular idea that "no wife is perfect for my son."

But if you don't want to become the kind of mother that won't let her son go, realize that one day another woman will come along that your son will love with all his heart. To keep a great relationship with your child once he's married (and to have a strong relationship with your future daughter-in-law) make sure your son hears this advice straight from your lips.

I love you as you are

Your son needs to know you love him and support him. Hearing this lets him know you trust his decision to marry this woman he loves so much. Also, make sure your son knows you will love his wife as your own child.

I will always be your mother

Even when he is married and has children of his own, you will still be his mother. You will look after his wife and their family, but you will also realize he has his own home and life to look after. Let him know you will always be there for him when he needs your help and love.

The most important woman in his life is his wife

Although you love your son and his wife, you realize you are not the most important woman in his life. Visits and calls will make you happy, but you know that visits from his whole family (including your adorable grandchildren) will make you the happiest.

I will respect your space, your independence and your family

Tell your son that in your house, he cannot speak ill of his wife or children. You will not comment for or against issues in their home. Don't ask me to hide things from your wife or to lie for you.

You can always try a little harder

A few years ago, an old friend and his wife told me a story that I know helped them establish a strong and lasting marriage. When this man was ready to propose, he proudly showed his mother the engagement ring he had purchased for his girlfriend. His mother said, "She deserves much better than this, you can try a little harder for her." The young man returned the ring and worked harder to get the best ring he could for his bride-to-be, and then proposed. Throughout their marriage, every time the son told his mother about any difficulties in their marriage, his mother would say the same thing: "You can try a litter harder for her," and has throughout their whole life together.

Be sure to tell your son that he has the ability to work hard for things he loves.

The influence a mother has will help her son and his family. This relationship will strengthen family ties and remain strong for generations.

This article is an adaptation and translation of "No Permitas que tu hijo se case sin hablar de estos detalles". It has been adapted and translated here with permission.

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