Has your spouse ever been watching a TV program and called you to come and see what seemed so appealing to him? Did you respond by accepting the invitation even if it wasn't convenient? This happened to Jill, and she shared her experience with us.

"One evening I was busy writing a letter to my sister when my husband called from the family room, saying, 'Come and watch this with me. This is really a touching show about C.S. Lewis.' He's a real fan of C.S. Lewis and so am I, but I had seen the documentary several months earlier. I was right in the middle of my letter and didn't want to stop what I was doing. I hollered back, 'I'm busy right now and can't come.' He responded with, 'But, his wife is about to die and he is really struggling with it.'

"Then the thought came to me that this is a very poignant and sad moment in Lewis' story, and is almost too tender to watch alone. So I stopped what I was doing and joined him. I'm so glad I did because sharing that part of Lewis' tragedy with my husband, then talking about it, shed a light on the value of our own relationship. We both felt so blessed to have each other. The letter to my sister could be finished later, but this moment could not wait. I'm so glad I joined my husband."

Not all invitations to join a spouse in an activity will be that meaningful. However, every time you choose to be together will strengthen your marriage, especially if you do it with a happy attitude.

Give It a Try

Have you ever noticed a man sitting near the fitting room in a clothing store? You can bet he's waiting on his wife while she tries on the latest fashion. This is generally not a favorite activity of a man, but there is something truly sweet about it. It's evidence that he has chosen to be with his wife, to be supportive of her.

Husbands and wives will not always have the same interests, but those interests can broaden as they participate in them with each other. Maybe for no other reason than to be with your spouse because you want to help his or her life be a little bit happier. When you do this your own interests will broaden. You may come to enjoy a hobby of your spouse, such as playing golf, bicycling, attending a concert or a game, just by experiencing it with her or him. Try it; you just might like it.

The Give and Take of Marriage

Marriage is a lot about give and take. Give of yourself and take in the joy of your mate. Sometime you go along simply to enjoy your mate's enjoyment. Like a smile, it's catching. It will be reciprocated and the deed will most likely be returned. Enjoy your times together. You never know when that chance may be gone.

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