Sometimes, date night just loses its magic. Another night eating out? Boring. Another conversation beginning with, "So, what do you feel like doing tonight?" No, thanks!

That's why I suggest exploring new places with your spouse. Make a list, check out your city's website, ask around and make a plan. Even if you don't know your town well, or you feel like you know it inside and out the following tips can help breathe a little freshness into your community and your date night tradition.

Make lists of things to try

It seems like every time my husband and I drive anywhere, we pass by a new shop, restaurant or entertainment venue that we would like to explore. You probably do this too. But if you're like us, you quickly forget where it was that you wanted to go. That's why we started keeping a list. By writing it down, you don't have to rely on your memory of which places in your town looked fun and interesting.

We keep our list in a binder full of similar paperwork, such as things we would like to buy, long-range schedules and notes on current projects. You might consider creating a binder like this for your family if you don't think you'd be able to find your list again once you made it.

Check out your city's official website for events

I think this is a vastly underused resource. Every city website I've ever looked over has a page used specifically for listing community events, sponsored by schools, clubs or even city council, itself. These events often include street fairs, farmer's markets and public celebrations. Invite a neighbor to go with you. You might find out your town isn't so boring after all.

Some city websites also have listings of businesses in the area that are sorted by type and even price range. Look for menu tabs that say things like "restaurants" and "entertainment." You can have the fun of being a tourist without ever leaving your own town.

Ask around for recommendations

In my experience, people love giving advice. So ask your friends about their favorite local gem. Their tastes are dissimilar to yours, but trying something unusual is half the fun. Plus, the conversation can be good inspiration for finding something that is a little more your style.

One friend told my husband and me to try out a sports bar for their yummy appetizers. I don't really love sports bars because it's hard to have a conversation with the TV on, but it did inspire me to suggest that we go to one, at a later time, specifically to watch a game. Since we don't have a television, my husband loved the idea of being able to watch football on a bigger screen. This idea was a winner all the way around.

Make a goal to regularly try somewhere new

Now that you have plenty of ideas of what to do, make sure you actually execute those ideas. If you have children, focus on family-friendly outings until you can find a sitter; then do something that you and your spouse would enjoy most without the kids.

My husband and I don't have children yet, so it's easy to just decide that we're going to cross something off of our list. However, it's still nice to plan ahead, so we don't forget that "going adventuring" is an option for our date night. That's why on the 11th of every month we try a new pizza or ice cream place. We were married on a Wednesday, so it becomes a fun little celebration of another month of marriage, plus a tasty way to make sure we go exploring every now and then.

Whether you've lived in one place for a while or you've moved to a brand new town, it's easy to feel like there's nothing to do in the city where you live. Not true! It just takes a little conscious effort. In no time, you can use the tips listed below to make the most of your surrounding area.

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