How many times have you heard, "I'm not good enough" or "I can't compete" come out a woman's mouth? Women tend to doubt our self-worth and ability to provide for ourselves, our family, our children. We focus on being who everyone needs us to be, then are unable to care for ourselves.

The second phrase, "I can't compete" should never even cross a woman's mind. There is no need to keep up with today's world. The minute a woman begins to compete with the world is when her losing battle begins.

Let me explain.

The world is quickly spiraling downward. Media has redefined what womanhood is and is not, and their definition is increasingly derogatory. Women who keep up with this world fail. Women who are moral, kind and righteous change the world. Here are five ways righteous women change the world for good:

Our influence

As women, we love to know we are making a difference. We also love to see this difference in our lives. It provides validity to what we are doing. But how can you measure influence? It cannot be seen or measured.

The world might tell you that your righteousness doesn't matter because it cannot be measured. That is not true. Our influence is vital to the success of our family. Nothing can replace a mother or wife's kind words of hope. Nothing can replace the sympathetic heart of a daughter or sister.

Being like rocks

Women are often the foundation, or the "rock" of so many lives. People look to the women in their lives for a kind words, compassion and love. Our children look to us as an example. Our husband's look towards us for hope and comfort. Being a righteous woman is a serious responsibility. It is a demanding role that the world constantly tries to upset. In times where your rock solid foundation seems to fail, rely on God. His work depends on righteous women.

Acting as a beacon

Righteous women live their lives led by God. We follow the path he has set. Because we follow God instead of the media, righteous women gain an added measure of light in their lives.That light shines for all to see. It is a source of comfort for those who are looking for truth; a blessing in a world full of confusion and darkness.

Having cathedral-like endurance

St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England took a decade to be designed and 40 years to build. That's over 50 years of planning and construction! Yet, this building still stands hundreds of years later as one of the most spectacular and magnificent buildings created. Workers who helped construct this cathedral knew they would not see the finished building. They weren't working for themselves. They knew they were working for God.

Righteous women can look towards this example. Every shirt folded, sheet washed, fight mediated, and every other emotional and physical demand we endure is for something beautiful. It's for God. Find peace and comfort knowing he does not allow his work to go unnoticed.

Raising families

The family is the basic, fundamental unit of society. It's within the family that lessons are learned, memories are made, and laughter is shared. It's also within this family that heartache occurs and hurtful words can be said. Family is not easy, but it is worth it. Having righteous women in a family cannot be replaced. Their influence in the home is worth more than anything in this world, despite what society tells you.

Next time you feel you don't make a difference or you feel weighed down by the world and your responsibilities, look up. Look up to God and rely on him. You are doing his work and he will not leave you comfortless. You are making a difference. You are doing great things. There will be a day when all you did will be realized, and it will be beautiful.

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