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Doing nice things for your spouse can benefit your relationship.

That's why it's no surprise that 42 percent of Americans do those so-called "nice things" every day for their spouse, according to the American Family Survey. In fact, about 25 percent of Americans will do so a few times a week.

These "nice things" include acts such as making coffee or tea for each other, or filling the car up with gas, the survey said.

"Couples engage in a wide array of activities, some more often than others, but a healthy proportion responded that they engage in these activities often," the survey said.

Experts agree that the little things matter in relationships. Simple actions, like saying "thank you" to your spouse or greeting him or her at the door, can be effective in improving relationships, Fox News Magazine reported.

Couples who turn off their smartphones during dinner or step away from technology altogether will also have stronger relationships.

The little moments, created by the spouses doing nice and small things for each other, will keep their partners happy, Dr. Cooper Lawrence told Fox News.

"Small things," she said, "are easier to do, and if you string them together over the course of a day, week or lifetime, what you have is a much larger message that speaks to your feelings towards the other person."

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