After writing "How to appreciate your husband," where my husband and his friends listed things that they liked and the things that they wanted their wives to do more so that they could feel more appreciated, I responded in good humor, "Here comes revenge!" I don't need to say that kept him quiet, after laughing a bit.

Anyway, now is the time that we, as women, list the things that we would like our husbands to say or do so that we can feel appreciated. After talking with some of my friends, yes they were the wives of my husband's friends, we made the following list of small and big things, things that men should and can do for their wives if they want them to do the things from the other list. It is always good to remember more than some sort of reward that if you treat your wife well, she will be an angel and a great companion, and you will have an even bigger reward. Here we go:

  1. Leave work at work and pay attention to your wife and family when you get home.
  2. Give her flowers for no reason except to say, "I love you!"
  3. Try and help to keep the house clean, especially the kitchen and the places that you use.
  4. Do your best to keep the toilet seat lid down and clean.
  5. Respect her opinions and come to an agreement together.
  6. Plan dates with little surprises.
  7. Leave little love notes before you go to work.
  8. Check the doors and windows before you go to bed.
  9. Cover the bed on cold nights and keep her covered if you are out of bed.
  10. Be the Man in situations that show courage and honesty.
  11. When you are ready to make-out make sure that you smell good and brush your teeth.
  12. Use to your advantage the power of touch. Touching produces oxytocin, a hormone that diminishes stress and increases confidence, either through hands, hugs or kisses.
  13. Be interested in what she has to say and pay attention to her ideas.
  14. Never put her down, especially in front of other people.
  15. Plan times that you can spend together and do your very best to make it happen, to show that you love her and want to spend your time with her.
  16. Ask for forgiveness when you do something wrong and forgive her when she does something wrong.
  17. Be grateful for the dedication that she has for the family and everything she does, like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, dishes, cooking and everything else, every day.
  18. Demonstrate that you appreciate her more with actions than words.
  19. Always remember important dates like your anniversary and her birthday.
  20. Be a reliable father and spend quality time with the kids.
  21. Agree with your wife when it comes to the kids.
  22. Compliment her on her appearance, especially in the morning when she just woke up, has no make-up and has messy hair.
  23. Stay a little longer in bed with her in the morning.
  24. Don't rush her.
  25. Send her IM and text messages for no reason, always say good things.
  26. Be affectionate, hug her and kiss her even if you aren't in the mood for sex.
  27. Include her when you make plans.
  28. Come home from work quickly because you miss your wife.
  29. Worry about her health and always try to take care of her.
  30. Make her smile with a joke, or with a mischievous smile.

I confess that it was much easier to compile a list of things that a man can do for his wife to make her feel appreciated than to make one for the women. The women took forever to come up with these. This can be explained in one of two ways:

1. Men are very underappreciated and we, as women, need to show our appreciation to them more often.


2. Women are easier to please than men.

Either way, if both of you love each other and are willing to do these things or be better in doing some of these things, you can be sure that the flame will remain lit. And your life will progress and, more than ever, your marriage will be a huge success because communication will flow like it should. And, consequently, you will have everything you need. Start to appreciate your wife today.

Translated and adapted by Taylor Richardson from the original article, "Como apreciar sua esposa" By Chris Ayres.

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