Here are some rules to help you please your wife and be happier as a result:

Tell your wife you love her every day - at least twice.

"I wish my husband would stop telling me how much he loves me," said no wife ever.

Praise her

Think of all the good things your wife does. It doesn't matter what they are, just contemplate for a moment all the things she does well. Praise her for how she looks, what she does, and how she does it.

Thank her

You would be amazed if you saw how much your wife does for you that you never really notice. Forget about yourself. Forget what you do for a minute. Think of what she does. Chances are you take almost all of it for granted. Make a point to thank her for the things she does that make your life or the world just a little bit better.

Do your part

Most men in the United States were raised in homes where mothers had greater responsibility for the household and men had more responsibility for providing. While there is nothing wrong with that traditional model, it is far more likely that your wife is bringing home a big chunk of the household income. Be sure you're carrying your fair share of the load for taking care of the house. Even if she doesn't work outside the home, she deserves your help. Don't be a slave to tradition.

Surprise her

There is nothing your wife would appreciate more than your doing something kind for her. Do the chore she hates the most for her while she's out.

Text her a love note

Chances are your text messages, emails and other communications have become perfunctory discussions about who will get the milk. Change it up with a love note. You might just make her day.

Buy her a gift

You don't have to ruin your budget to make her feel loved and appreciated. A single rose, a fancy card or some candy - even a simple candy bar (if it's her favorite) can brighten her day.

Take her out

Lives get busy, especially with kids and careers. Your relationship can easily get bumped off the schedule. Make time. Put it on the calendar and take your wife on a date. It's okay to go out with friends sometimes, but make sure that you regularly go out alone together so she can be the focus of your attention.

Put your phone away

Life is frantic and everyone seems to be a little (and some completely) addicted to their smart phones. When you make time for your wife, put the phone away and be with her.

Bite your tongue

You can probably name a dozen things you wish your wife wouldn't do. Don't mention them. Say something kind instead. The next time you don't like what she did to the toothpaste, say, "I love you!" And then forget the toothpaste.

Put her needs first

If you can truly put her needs ahead of your own, you'll be happier in the long run. She's likely ready and willing to do the same thing. If she stopped thinking of you first its only because she felt like no one was thinking of her at all. If you put her needs first in your mind above your own, you'll soon find her treating you with the same priority.

You probably won't remember all of these ideas. If you don't print or otherwise save this article for future reference, do something else instead. Right now think of one thing you can do for your wife today to make her happy. Then do it!

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