Today's entertainment has made husbands look worthless, foolish and unnecessary. Breaking this ridiculous stereotype of husbands starts at home with our wives. Here are a few things to avoid (unless you want to be the worst husband in the world) and some ideas that will help you outshine the best of what media has to offer.

1. Never remember your monthiversary

The months and years seem to fly by. Snapping out of zombie mode during the daily routines of life every now and then is a good thing. If you really want to impress your wife, acknowledge the time that you have spent with each other at least once a month. Implement a monthiversary. This will give you a chance to celebrate a special occasion more often and will help you get in the habit of doing something nice for your wife at least once a month.

2. Don't listen

It is easy to get distracted with the TV, the smart phone and other random things which make focusing on the important things in life a little more challenging. You will wow your wife as you put away your electronic devices and look at her while she is talking to you. Make sure and give her a nod every now and then. Learning and practicing active listening skills will help improve the quality of your relationship.

Remember that it is OK to ask, "Do you want me to just listen or provide solutions?" Your wife will let you know what she expects of you and remember that she reserves the right to change her mind at any moment.

3. Forget about complimenting her

Ignoring the achievements of your spouse, even the small things will take a toll on her. If you really want to boost her self-esteem, take notice when your wife does or says something nice. Giving her compliments will strengthen her. As her husband, no one should give her more compliments than you. Oscar Wilde once said, "It is a great mistake for men to give up paying compliments, for when they give up saying what is charming, they give up thinking what is charming." Ladies need a Prince Charming! Knock her socks off by giving compliments often.

4. When you get home ask her why the house isn't clean

Have you ever walked in the house from a hard day of work only to see the house filthy, dishes in the sink, and everyone is sleeping? You can be easily tempted to ask why the house isn't up to your expectations but please don't. If you are wise, you will use this as an opportunity to give your wife some one on one time. Put your blinders on and go spend some quality time with your spouse. Don't even mention the house.

5. Rush her out of the house on your way out

If you really want to have some fun, follow the counsel of Joseph B. Wirthlin who once suggested, "Perhaps, on occasion, our wives could get into the car and honk the horn while we, as husbands, get the children ready." Switching off now and then might help you gain a better perspective of all the hard work that your wife does in order to keep things running smoothly at home.

6. Tell her she can't do something.

Not much will help you sink so low as telling your wife that she is incapable of doing something. If you want her to stay madly in love with you, be optimistic with your spouse. Never doubt her ability to accomplish something great. A wise man once taught me that what one person can do, so can another. Believe that your spouse can accomplish anything.

7. Ignore her requests.

If your spouse asks you to do something, ignore or keep putting it off and be numbered among the worst husbands on the planet. If you really want her to brag about you to her friends, make it a habit to never say no to your spouse. Your wife will develop a deep trust and confidence in you as you take time to give yourself to her. When she asks you to do something, do it as soon as possible and you will experience a happier marriage.

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