All of the make-up, the fancy clothes, the high heels and the expensive jewelry mean squat to a man if you aren't 'wife material' or what I like to call wife-able. This may sound shocking, but if you want a man to see you as someone who could be by his side forever and always, there are other things that you should be flaunting more than the dazzling silver Jimmy Choo's you have on. Here are a few things you can do to show that you are Mrs. Right:

Have goals/be intelligent

When you marry someone, you still have your individual hopes and dreams. Keep these goals! Share these goals! They make you who you are. Your goals, along with your intelligence, allow men to feel like they can have an intelligent conversation with you. You become a more interesting person with depth and opinions.

Relationships are built with both people's goals and aspirations in mind. Letting your significant other know what your goals are and become a part of them will bring great strength to your relationship.

Have a positive attitude

There are times when your significant other should see you upset, so he knows how you cope with your personal struggles. But no one wants to be with a constantly depressed and bitter companion.

Make sure that your positive energy and unique take on life shines through. This will not only make him feel good, but will benefit you too.

Be a cookie cutter- literally

Cooking and cleaning is expected in a wife should do. Call me sexist, but when a husband gets home from a long day of work, it would bring a smile on his face to know that his place of comfort and rest will be clean with dinner ready on the table.

If you don't want to be the one that brings this irresistible smile, than scratch the marriage goal off of your bucket list and buy a cat instead.

Understand when playtime is over

There are definitely appropriate times for water balloon fights, late night parties and spontaneous sessions of Taylor Swift karaoke. But when it is time to sit down and be serious, you need to do just that.

Men aren't known for being very emotional. Trust doesn't come easy. They need to know in the times that they do feel like opening up, that you can be the one they turn to. Let them know that you will treat them well. The one time you laugh when he has shared personal information is probably the last time he will ever want to share anything with you.

Be a best friend/supporter

This isn't meant to sound cliché, but be his best friend. This is a different relationship than his other friends. Be there to comfort him when he gets bad news and celebrate with him when he has achieved success.

In your relationship there will be bumps along the way, just like a traditional friendship does. But best friends do not give up on each other even after a horrible fight. They work out their differences, and it makes them stronger. If you treat him like a best friend and try your hardest to work through the trials that may be thrown your way, he will stay.

All men are different. If they weren't, dating would be way too easy. In the end, if you are yourself and know what you want and don't want, there will be a man that would gladly say "I do" to a future with you.

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