Many of us are fortunate to have developed strong relationships with our sisters from very young. We played dress up together, brushed each other's hair, and protected one another from bullies at school. We saw our sisters as our best friends or partners in crime. However, not everyone shares this type of experience. Some sisterly relationships only last for the amount of time they are living together. Once the girls become adults, move out and begin lives of their own, they begin to drift apart. I've seen this happen among my family and friends.

I'm lucky my mother raised my sister and I to be very close. I considered my sister - who is six years older than me - to be my second mom. When Mom had to work long hours or needed a helping hand, my sister was there to save the day. Of course, we argued and got on each other's nerves. But, those situations never broke our bond. My sister was my protector and confidant. And to this very day, she still is.

In life, it is only natural to argue with your sister or not want to speak until you cool off. But, no disagreement or difference of opinion should ever separate you from your sister. After all, our God gave us sisters for a reason. Therefore, we should cherish every moment together and learn how to grow a stronger bond.


If there is ever a disagreement, not talking is the worst thing you can possibly do. As upset as you and your sister may feel, pick up the phone and talk. Or meet in person and discuss the matter. Do not raise your voice since that will add more fuel to the fire. Listen and respect each other's points of view. You can avoid all disagreements with a simple conversation. You will realize how easy it is to talk things out instead of fighting and being stubborn.


When we share our dilemmas, concerns and secrets, never spread the word to anyone else. The conversations must stay between you and your sister. Respect each other's feelings and space.

Never judge

Sisters have moments where they find it hard to understand why we do or say certain things. There are many times my sister and I see things on either side of the spectrum. Nonetheless, we do not judge. There is no room for judging when you are working on building a stronger bond with your sister.


Let's say your sister wants to something you do not necessarily feel comfortable with, but you know that will make her happy. Try supporting her in any possible way you see fit. If not through actions, at least through words.

Sisters are our first set of friends. Alongside of them, we learn the meaning of friendship, experience ups and downs and share differences of opinions. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we know in our hearts we can trust our sister - our friend for life.

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