Marriage is not always easy. You will face disagreements and each of you will do something you later regret. When tough times in marriages occur, it is easy to hold grudges. But, these feelings will only hurt your marriage and cause even more distance between you and your spouse. Instead of letting disagreements and hurt feelings push you away, make the first step to kiss and make up.

August 25 is Kiss and Make Up Day. This day is designed to encourage people to take the first step to casting away all grudges and hurt feelings and make up with those you care most about. Here are 10 fun and easy ways you can kiss and make up with your spouse.

1. Buy a gift

Everyone loves a surprise now and then. You can buy your spouse flowers, chocolate, a gourmet cupcake, anything that says, "I was thinking of you and I'm sorry." However, buying gifts to show you are sorry is not the best solution for everyone. Some individuals don't care about store-bought gifts and want something heartfelt. You know your spouse best so you will know if he or she will value a store-bought present.

2. Give her a hug

Sometimes all it takes is a hug to let the other person know you are sorry, or you forgive them. Your body language can tell your spouse a lot more than you may realize.

3. Leave love notes

Small love notes left around the house are sure to brighten anyone's day. Place them in his drawer, on the mirror, on the car dashboard, anywhere he is sure to find them the next day.

4. Plan a romantic dinner

Surprise your spouse and plan a romantic dinner. Prepare his or her favorite meal and don't let her lift a finger to help.

5. Find a babysitter

Marriages require "together" time. If you need to kiss and make up after a large argument, send the children to a babysitter and enjoy time together without the kids.

6. Clean

One way to a woman's heart is through cleaning. Clean the house or complete all of her most dreaded chores. Surprise her by completing the chores secretly. She will be so pleased that she can't help but kiss and forgive you.

7. Give her "me" time

Some days, home can be a tough place to be. There are children whining and throwing temper tantrums, mess after mess is made and the to-do list continually grows. When these days occur, it is only natural for emotions to be high and disagreements to be more eminent than usual. When this happens, give your spouse some "me" time. Take the kids away for a few hours and let your spouse do whatever he or she desires. After some time for your spouse to gather her sanity, you may just receive an apology for an unnecessary outburst.

8. Come home early from work

Surprise your spouse and walk in the door earlier than usual one day. But, don't come home and walk straight to the couch. Help your spouse. Send her to the couch and let her relax while you take care of dinner, the children and the to-do list.

9. Write a letter

Take the time to write your spouse a letter telling him how much you care and appreciate all he does. This letter needs to be more than just a few lines like those you would write in a love note. Make this letter heartfelt and truly write your feelings and how you feel about your marriage.

10. Hold her tight and steal a kiss

One of the best ways to kiss and make up is to grab your spouse and steal a kiss. Hold her tight and whisper in her ear. Don't let some silly disagreement be a barrier in your marriage. You will be amazed at how some small action like holding him tight and stealing a kiss can quickly change his mood.

Marriages are treasures. You and your spouse should put 100 percent into creating the perfect marriage and helping it succeed. When fights and disagreements occur, because they will, put a stop to them immediately and kiss and make up.

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