You can tell your spouse repeatedly that you love them, but there is something special when those three words are written down. Love notes are a fun and romantic way to let your spouse know how much you care and that you are thinking of them. Sept. 28 is Love Note Day. This day encourages the passing of love notes between lovers. Instead of writing a generic love note, be creative and do something special for the one you love. Here are five ways you can put a little creativity into your notes.

1. Countdown love notes

Countdown love notes are an excellent way to countdown an event such as an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, or to simply say "I love you." This past year, I gave my husband the "14 Days of Valentines." I started on Feb. 1, and each day I left a note on the counter, on his dresser or next to his wallet with a specific reason why I loved him and why he was my Valentine. He enjoyed getting the notes each day and I absolutely loved writing them.

2. Bathroom journal

A bathroom journal is a fun and quirky way to say I love you. Instead of a variety of books and magazines, place a journal in your bathroom. When you have that extra time in the bathroom, write to your spouse. It is something different and can be a fun way to communicate if you both write in the journal often.

3. A mailed letter

Instead of getting piles of junk mail every day, wouldn't it be fun to see a letter from your spouse in the mail? Write your loved one a letter and mail it to your own address. It will surely surprise your spouse when he gets the mail that day.

4. Treasure hunt

Send your spouse on a treasure hunt throughout your home using love notes. In each clue, tell your spouse something you appreciate and admire about her or give a list of reasons why you are glad he is yours. The final prize can be flowers or a romantic dinner, or you could leave a much longer, more in-depth and passionate letter to your spouse. This small game will be something she remembers for a long time, and you can guarantee she will be telling all her friends about it.

5. Banana note

If you make your spouse's lunch each day, send him with a banana. In the morning, use a toothpick and lightly write on the peel a message to your spouse. In a few hours, that message will darken and be legible. This is a fun way to surprise him because in the morning, he won't even know it is there.

Love notes can be a fun way to add a little excitement and appreciation to your marriage. They don't have to be anything extravagant, but just by taking the time to write them, you are showing your spouse how much you love her and that you want to put that extra effort into your marriage.

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