April 26, 2003 was a day that changed my life forever. At the time, I didn't know that it would be a significant day or that it would be a date that I would always remember. But it is.

6 p.m. rolled around and there was a knock at my door. A cute boy on crutches was standing there. I still remember what I was wearing because I tried on about 17 outfits before I decided on black capris with a white striped button up shirt and a black sweater over it. I made sure my hair was curled perfectly, mascara wasn't clumpy and my lips were shiny with my favorite lip gloss. I even wore a spray of perfume that I overheard him say he liked once, Cucumber Melon from Bath & Body Works. I welcomed him inside as I put my shoes on and my dad of course was there to give him the shot gun and backyard speech, telling him he better take care of his daughter. I was on my very best behavior and wanted to completely impress this boy - it was our first date! Throughout the evening, we made many memories that I will always remember. We ate at Red Robin and went and saw the Blue Man Group show on the Las Vegas strip. Little did I know that that first date over 10 years ago was with the boy that I was going to marry.

Five years later, Tyson and I were married for time and all eternity. It was a wonderful day! We have now been married for FIVE YEARS and are loving every minute of it. I wrote a post a few months ago called 10 Ways To Stay Best Friends Forever With Your Husband. This article has become the most popular post on my whole blog! The first thing on the list of ways to stay best friends is Date Night. That is right - dating doesn't end once we have a ring on our fingers! But HOW do we do this? How do we date our husbands?

Here is a list of SEVEN THINGS we can do:


Think about your first date with your husband. Did he ask you out? Did you ask him out? Maybe it was even a mutual idea - but I am sure somewhere in the conversation of setting up this first date, you decided on a specific date, time and location. Do that very same thing with your husband. Find a day that works best for your schedules. We all are so busy with work, children and extracurricular activities so set a date and mark it on your calendar. If you have kids, find a babysitter. Then set a time that you would like to leave the house and a location, whether you want to go to dinner or do a fun activity.


99 percent of the time my husband comes home from work or school and I am in leggings with food on them, a sweater with poop on it and my hair is up in a messy mom bun. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it just means that I am a mom and that I worked hard at being one that day. BUT when that date and time rolls around, for you to go out with your man, dress up. Do you remember what you wore or maybe how long it took you to get ready for your first date with him? Do it again. Even if you have to try on 17 outfits before you come to a conclusion. Make sure your mascara isn't clumpy and your lips are glossed and shiny. Maybe even wear his favorite perfume. Show him that you care and that you want to look your very best for him.


Nobody likes a first date that is LATE. So, why are we so flexible after we get married if we are a half hour late? I am beyond guilty of this. I am late EVERYWHERE we go. But try to be on time. I know it is hard when you have a baby tugging at your leg and another one needing a drink out of the refrigerator, but try your very best. He will recognize your effort.


Something I always looked for in a guy when I was dating was someone who would open my door for me. If you didn't open my door - that was your first x in my book. There is something that makes us women feel special when a man opens our doors. SO let him. And then thank him for doing so. Just because we are married, doesn't mean they can't still be gentlemen.


I remember the first time Tyson held my hand " my initial reaction was, "FINALLY!!" It took a few dates for him to grab my hand. We were watching a movie at his house with some friends. We both had our hands on our thighs, showing the other person CLEARLY our hands were open and available to grab. Inch by inch our hands got closer and closer and finally he grabbed mine. Chills went through my body - the cutest boy in school was holding my hand! I was so excited. I wanted to keep it forever. Hold your husband's hand. Grab it! Hold it! Keep it! Don't let it go!


We as wives are pretty critical of ourselves. We all love to be complimented, but when we are, often times we deny the flattering remark. Sometimes we may say "Oh please, I don't look that good," or "Whatever. You are just saying that," or "No, I look so bad!" Don't do it. Let him compliment you. Let him tell you that you are beautiful. Thomas S. Monson said, "A woman needs to be told she is beautiful. She needs to be told she is valued. She needs to be told she is worthwhile." We all deserve to be told that, so when he says it - don't deny it.


Have you ever had one of those goodnight kisses like in a movie? You get dropped off at your doorstep and you thank him for a great night and then it happens. He kisses you and you like him! And your foot pops and you feel like you might be falling in love. Kiss your husband good night and tell him that you love him. Maybe even a "foot popping kiss" that makes your heart flutter a bit. And don't forget to thank him for taking you out. Every man wants to feel appreciated.

Whether you are newly married and the beginning of your life with the man of your dreams is just getting started or you have been married for 50 years and are growing old together, I hope you cherish one another. I hope you cherish your marriage and that you will always remember you are NEVER too old to date your husband. Fall in love with him all over again and make your date this week feel like it is.

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