Do you feel defeated, depressed or unhappy?

When I first starting coaching clients, I thought people would seek my help because they desired to develop a healthy relationship with themselves and other people. Initially, I was surprised to learn their main objective was not love, but money. Like most people, they thought money would be the answer that solved all their problems. If they had more of it, they would live happily ever after and never have a care in the world.

Not only would money solve their problems, but it would also take away the pain they felt inside. Yes, being financially stable has its many advantages, but if you struggle with negative feelings about who you are and no longer believe in yourself, then all the money in the world will not purchase the inner peace you are looking for.

We often develop our individual worth from other people's opinion of us. In a world full of imperfect people, this is a serious mistake. Too often we hear how we are not good enough and could never measure up. After a while, many people start believing what they hear. They begin to feel life is overwhelming and downright hard. Emotionally, these people are not healthy. They often struggle with depression, anxiety, loneliness and have an inner sadness that is difficult to explain.

From my experience working with people from all over the world, this problem is global. However, there is a solution. You are not meant to live a life of hardship and pain. You can begin to love yourself from the inside out. Here are three simple steps to start you on this transformational journey.

Step 1: You need to take complete ownership of your life

No matter how difficult your circumstances appear to be, you have the inner power and ability to embrace positive change.

Step 2: You can control your emotions and change your negative self-image

Part of this is realizing your individual worth is never defined by the thoughts and opinions of others. Do not let their negative actions change your inner knowledge that you have unlimited potential.

Step 3: Stop blaming others!

You are the authority of your life and responsible for your personal happiness. Positive change will never occur when you place blame on anyone or anything for your misfortune and how you feel inside. Being personally accountable for every aspect of your life will allow you to take control and make the changes you seek. This includes the ability to leave situations that are dangerous and unhealthy.

A new found freedom will occur once you take ownership of your life by embracing the possibilities, no longer listening to the negative opinion of others or placing blame on anyone or anything for your situation. You are now what I call an empowered person and well on your way to loving yourself so you can experience life as it was meant to be. Magnificent!

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