Men and Women are, emotionally, very different. A husband's happiness in marriage can be influenced by his wife's attitude. Even if the wife is frustrated with the determined attitude of her husband, he can also become frustrated if his wife acts without thinking or with recklessness.

Despite the fact that the man is stronger physically than the woman, it doesn't mean that he doesn't need emotional support and affection.

The most effective way to have a happy marriage is to work things out together. Here are some important things a wife can do to make her husband happy and consequently cause a happier marriage.

1. Don't yell - talk

Unless your husband is deaf, don't yell. Try to always talk in a calm voice. Yelling deafens the heart. A husband will not have the desire or the need to listen to his wife's point of view when she is yelling or screaming.

2. Welcome him home with love

Some husbands are not welcomed home with love. His wife may already have some bone to pick with him when he gets home. No husband wants to come home after a tiring day of work and to a grumbling, whining, angry wife. When he arrives at home, welcome him with love and care. Ask him how his day went. Men love women who are loving and attentive.

3. The little things are best

Men like it better when you show your love in small ways rather than big grandiose ways. It doesn't cost anything to take a little extra time to make his favorite dessert or a special cake. A little romance can go a long way when he is feeling down.

4. Be Clear

Men are not as intuitive as women are, so you need to be very clear when you want something from him. Instead of saying, "Oh, I've heard that restaurant has good food," say, "Let's eat at that restaurant." Typically men will understand the first sentence as a comment, not as a suggestion that you actually want to eat there. If you are clear in your intentions and what you say, you will avoid a lot of confusion and possible arguments.

5. Be attentive

Although it isn't normal for men to be very open, sometimes they need a shoulder to cry on. You need to be your husband's best friend, and always listen to his problems, without judging him or pointing fingers. Just listen, doing this will prevent him from suppressing bad feelings or worse, finding someone else to talk to.

6. Highlight his qualities

Try to always see his best qualities and not pay attention to his imperfections. Compliment him and always, always, always tell him that you like him and that you love him. When you make him happy, he will want to make you happy and compliment you too. Criticism will never, ever help you.

7. Do not be bossy or pushy

This is a relationship between the both of you. There isn't a need for one to boss the other around. Always try to be on the same page as your husband. When you want him to do something, be sweet about it and say, "Please." Do it in a way that you think will make him want to do it for you. Do it in the way that he will most enjoy in doing it for you. Who do you want to be? A commanding general or the sweet, tender woman that he loves so much?

Translated and adapted by Taylor Richardson from the original article, "Como fazer seu esposo feliz." By Marcia do Amaral Denardi Albuquerque.

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