Published in Matrimonio by Cindy Peterson on November 29, 2013

Translated and adapted by Anders Peterson from the original article "Y vivieron felices para siempre: cómo hacer esta frase una realidad en la actualidad" by Cindy Peterson

As time goes by, every couple has a common challenge: How to maintain the joy of dating after marriage. Some couples feel that this is a great challenge due to the lack of time, the demands of work, the attention that should be shared between spouses and their children, house chores and responsibilities to attend to in the community. Nevertheless, it is possible to live "happily ever after" in a harmonious environment if both spouses make an effort to collaborate and set aside time to find true happiness for their families. The following are five ideas to reach everlasting joy:

1. Continue dating after marriage

Each couple is an expert in making time to date during courtship. This can also be maintained after marriage by establishing a set day (it can be flexible, also) to do something together as a couple in order to strengthen the affectionate bonds. This also helps the couple to talk, have fun and renew their energies to later spend time with their children. Such activities may include: going to a concert, watching a film at the movie theater, going to a park, taking a stroll, going out for dinner or visiting mutual friends. Here are some more tips on how to strengthen a marriage. Here are some more tips for strengthening your marriage.

2. Participate in homemade activities

: There are many activities in which both spouses can strengthen their friendship in the home, such as house cleaning, washing the cars, watering the plants in the garden, picking up leaves, walking together or cleaning objects as they talk. These activities provide opportunities to demonstrate appreciation to one another.

3. Make decisions together

: Everlasting happiness is closely related to making important decisions together. When spouses do this, they are more likely to make the right choices because they are able to consider both perspectives.

4. Leave notes in key places

Everybody feels happiness when they are appreciated. Both spouses can leave thank-you notes, for any reason, under the pillow, on the fridge, in a pocket, or any place where the other spouse can find it when it is least expected. Writing a note does not take much time, and it is so valuable for the spouse that reads it.

5. Set aside a special day to do something traditional together

: This "special day" takes place when the couple does something worth doing as a tradition.

Regardless the tradition that a couple desires to establish together, it will be worth it because making time for it is rewarded by an everlasting friendship in the marriage. My husband and I have explained this to our children regarding dating, for example. By explaining to them that this was a special date for us, they developed a positive attitude and supported us. It is commendable to establish these good habits in order to live "happily ever after."

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